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Southern Oregons pen over 16,000 letters urging people to vote

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Southern Oregons pen over 16,000 letters urging people to vote

Southern Oregons pen over 16,000 letters urging people to vote

Local, non-partisan letter-writing campaign penned over 16,000 letters to encourage people to vote in swing states as part of "The Big Send".

You are returning it in person there are eightage for as elections begin around the country.

Newswatch 12's josh shelton has their story.

This morning, a group gathered with messages written on their car windows.

The message... vote.

All the writing on the window was a culmination of the writing they've been doing for months.

0:42 jeanne chouard says, "we started, you know, 10 letters, 20 letters, and just kept going and going.

And we finally beat 16,000 over 16,000 letters written by our local group here."

16,395 letters to be exact.

All of them headed around the country to voters in swing states as early voting begins in most states.

1:46 chourad says, "the message is you matter and your vote matters.

Every vote counts in the election... so we just want to encourage people, you know, your vote is your power and when everybody votes, we can make a difference."

Oregon district 2 indivisible led a non-partisan handwritten letter writing campaign.

The letters are focused on voters in swing states who may not normally vote.

The group believes it's important for more americans to vote in elections so their voice is truly heard.

6:34 dolan says, "i just want to encourage everybody to vote, you know, regardless of which party you belong to, everybody should have a same right to vote."

Dasja dolan is originally from the former sovereign state czechoslovakia.

She says she knows what it's like to live in a place where your vote didn't matter because of the control the communist party held over the government.

4:38 dasja dolan says, "i cherish, you know, my constitutional right to vote.

I was a political refugee and i was granted the, uh, american citizenship."

She wants everyone to know just how important the right to vote is.

4:51 dolan says, "i have been living in the state for 40 years and for me, it's just the most precious thing.

This democracy is."

The over 16,000 letters are ready to

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