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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


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Get our fair share in washington.

- back to playing football on - friday's, here on the news 25 - friday night showcase...- alongside grace boyles... i'm - jeff- haeger... in house, for this- week 7 edition.

- now as a result of covid-19...- the gulfport football team- has been sitting on a four- - overtime loss, to brandon... fo- all of three weeks.

- what the admirals have had to - look forward to... is a - date with rival harrison- central... who just so happens- to be un-defeated... heading- into its fourth district- game of the season.

- that's right, grace... all kind- of implications, coming out of- this region 4 class 6-a - showdown... so let's head to- milner stadium.

- gulfport technically coming in- with two district - losses... although the admirals- haven't lost a district - game that's actually been - played... since 20-16.- and before we get started...- shoutout to harrison- central's mikuan sanders... or- should i say jackie chan... not- once, but twice... i mean he's- flipping from his head!

- anyway... how about jacobi- moore... mississippi state- commit... about three weeks - removed from a meniscus tear...- taking the field for the first- time since... maybe a decoy - for gulfport... or maybe for th- cameraman... scary moment - here, though... christian turne- goes down hard, at the one-yard- line... helmet-to-helmet hit...- eventually gets up under his ow- power... really good to see - that... was tested for a- concussion, on the sideline...- didn't return at all, in the- first - half.

- which brings us to this week's- episode of quarterbacks...- that wear linebacker numbers...- that's cause he is a- linebacker... and a fullback...- eric hopkins with the walk-in - touchdown... on fourth down, no- less... extra point is- blocked... 6-nothing red rebels- second quarter now... next driv- - - - for h-c... hand-off goes to - senior running back atavian - ray... listed at 5'5"... but- man, he's got - speed to burn... touchdown- saving tackle, by jourdan - cooley.

- now grace... is there any team- on the coast... better at - finding - the camera... i'm gonna say - no... hopkins... to atkins... - get off - me... tight ropes the sideline,- right into your living room...- - - - and it's rock-a-bye baby every- single time i've seen this kid- make a big play... another- fourth down t-d... makes it - 13-nothing.

- but the admirals would finally- respond... breck le-flore... so- of- carol le-flore... friend of the- program... but no friend of the- harrison central defense... hug- gain down the - home sideline... all the way- down inside the 25... welcome t- the - party, gulfport.- two plays later... le-flore - putting the dual, in- dual-threat...- and putting the touch... in - touchdown... pretty pass to - lu-shawn griffin... who hauls i- in for gulfport's first - points of the game... admirals- right back in it.

- but here's the funny thing abou- momentum... it- can change in a single moment..- atkins handing off to ray, out- of the wildcat... and that's- tail lights... ray showing off- the - game-breaking speed... and he's- a "g" plus one... that's gone..

Admirals just trying to catch a- license plate number... 77- yards... on the very first play- of the drive... and it's- absolute- bedlam, on the sideline... feel- like the red rebels might've- just a thing.

- yeah... they did... 27-7- final... pitching a second-half- shutout... en route to their- first win over gulfport... sinc- 20-16... just two weeks before- gulfport started its 23-- game winning streak, in distric- - - - play... which is something we - may never see again, in region - class 6-a... h-c- now 4-0, in district... and a - long road back for gulfport...- falling to 0-3... in region 4.- - - - - over in d'iberville, warriors - looking to stay - un-defeated against visiting- hancock-- another team- playing its first game since- september due to covid.

- 1.

Opening drive, quarterback - dwight williams... weaving- around- - - - some hawks..

Lofts the ball up- on the run to receiver ethan- nguyen.

Warriors move the stick- for the first down.

- 2.

Later on that same drive,- - - - runningback drey lenoir runs it- in for a touchdown to cap off - d'iberville's 7-- play, 60-yard opening drive.- warriors up 7 - nothing.- - - - 3.

Wondering where 3-star - minnesota committ and - warrior swiss army knife justin- walley was on that offensive- posession?

Looks like the d-1 - bound cornerback was- sticking to defense tonight - where he ends having both a - blocked and interception.

- 4.

Later in the first...- quarterback kameron breland - dumps the ball off to - runningback mason cranmer - who seems to disappear amongst- warriors... only- to reappear with the first down- however, that's about all the - hawks are able to do on the - drive...until this.

- 5.

The snap goes 10 yards over- punter brandon king's head... - king- still tries to get the punt - off... however defensive end- gabe bosarge recovers the - - - - fumble.


Still in the first..- williams airs it out- downfield... and- connects with... hawks defensiv- back nate thompson for- back-to-back turnovers.

- 7.

Two plays later, after - another hancock - fumble... runningback justice - davis bolts past- defenders all the way to the- 3-yard line - 8.

Same drive... williams - pitches the ball to davis again- and davis - - - - spins casually into the endzone- warriors extend their lead 14 -- nothing.- d'iberville goes on to get the- homecoming victory over - hancock 34 - 14 and continue on- their undefeated warpath of - region 4 class 6a.- - grace... of all the teams on th- gulf coast... perhaps the team- that's the biggest mystery to - me... is biloxi.- the indians started out the - season by not allowing a single- point in their first two games,- only to then lose their first - three district games.

- here's what big red had in stor- in week 7 hosting a st.

Martin- team- that already has two distirct - wins via forfeit due to - - - - covid-19.

We pick it up with tw- minutes left in the first half,- biloxi up 6 - 3...- 1.

Quarterback deljay bailey al- over the field... and throws it- up- - - - to tight end garrison bell.

- 2.

Later on the same drive... - bailey connects with garrison - again for a big first down and- some.

- - - - 3.

Under a minute left in the - second quarter... bailey- - - - entrusts the ball to runningbac- kk kendrick who - gets the ball inside the 10.- - - - 4.

20 seconds before halftime..- bailey again gets the - ball to kendrick to looks to- have his second touchdown of- the half... until linebacker- javon james throws him down - short - of the goal line.

Biloxi- hurrying to get off another pla- before time expires.

Bailey - finds success with a- quarterback sneak.

Indians go - up 16 - 3 before heading to the- locker room.- the indians completely shutdown- the yellow jackets- in the second half and tack on- to theit own lead.

Biloxi - walks away with the win over st- martin 27 - 3.- - last but not least... george- county paying a visit to region- 3 - foe pearl... trying to get into- the playoff mix, with a road- win.- defensive battle in the first - quarter... but strong running - by the pirates like this run by- the pirates offense - - - - carleontaye spires set up this- play action pass by shade - foster to a wide open jerry - johnson for the score they tac- on 2 points 8-0 - but george county is going to - strike back m-j daniels- finds - marquez dortch in the - middle of the field for the - rebels -- but its the hustle from blake - calender ripping the - ball out of dortch's hand right- before the goal line to - force the fumble pirates- recover - and the defense of pearl- stepping up again its blake - calender again stepping up on- the defense getting this i-n-t- only thing working for george - county early is this field- goal late in the second - final score 18-9- - alright grace, time for the w-- x-x-v play of the day... which- is- actually outside the realm of - high school football... and - the honor goes to p-r-c-c head- coach seth smith.

- last night... the former east - central high school head man- got a gatorade bath... for- winning his first-ever game,- with the wildcats... a 28-21- - -


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