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Monday, March 1, 2021

Chip's Good Word - Graysville Fire Prevention Day

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Chip's Good Word - Graysville Fire Prevention Day
Chip's Good Word - Graysville Fire Prevention Day
Graysville is hosting their first Fire Prevention Day Saturday.

Required training over the course of the entire academy which also had some covert delays they actually had to go into restriction the first date started and came out of that classroom setting that came out of the classroom and worked volunteers during the tornado relief efforts so we were extremely proud that they became immunity service or the even graduated with orders and what they do in that role movin forward absolutely and new programs to china the police department concerning diversity and getting more and more officers in the department what's a little bit announcement is program bank in time for the chinese published a close attention to what our routing is typically arm in order to liken the last years about six or seven years ago we actually had about a where we would go to different workfare universities what have you to try and engage individuals and currently department we did an analysis of return on investment which is the even numbers produce from that we haven't been out side of about 100 mile radius of about eight years with all that has been versed before him so we've engaged in community work bears our military duty centers aroun chattanooga in two different universities around here that state utc but we found that one- on-one connections actually giv us the big that one-on-one connection between a member of the department and remember the wants to be a police officer we found brings us the greatest will so that one-on-one connection also can help member unity one of the programs that we haven't been successful in school each one reach one where a member of the community brings an individual to determine police department wants to be a police at individual goes through the background and is hired laced in the academy the member of the community that help that minority applicant $500 reward will help you some of the we as a community help us find more great police officers break it become great police officers and build a better absolutely great programs there is little that i'm trying in ou area recently on this for sean to me learn three children were injured in the shooting in downtown chattanooga is there an update on the case for the community ... the oddity update on the community our investigators been working tirelessly on that in the home because it does strike and more so when we have children that are so weak we don't have any date for what i would like to encourage the committee to do is pay attentio to the young men and women live there growing to to see them impact of your direct urine directly violent should resonate with all that we should not be tolerant sold in india standing up against violence i think we also need to pay attention to how we stand up next to them behind the kids in our immunity with the through different advocacy groups within the city would invest in direct mentorin and coaching models such as the boys and girls club is big sisters ymca why program those are all program and police officers are directly connect to the court officers in the lives of young men and women city we can see whether she would are headed and maybe we can all the community help grow wonderful help functioning ... aspirational adults and just get excited about what ago there slightly centering ancient chinese police chief david ronnie joining is running


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