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Friday, January 21, 2022

The Locker Room Game of the Week Preview: East Noble vs. Columbia City

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The Locker Room Game of the Week Preview: East Noble vs. Columbia City
The Locker Room Game of the Week Preview: East Noble vs. Columbia City

After stumbling through the middle portion of their schedule, East Noble enters the state tournament on a three-game winning streak.

That game was going to be our game of the week, but because we thought it was canceled, we were forced to change those plans...luckily though, we had plenty of interesting matchups to choose from..and our attention now shifts to a postseason rematch between two of the best in the ne8... it's a showdown in sectional 19 as east noble hosts columbia city in your locker room game of the with more is petar hood... )well just it has with seemingly everything else in 2020, the covid-19 pandemic is already impacting the ihsaa state football tournament before it even begins.

In colu case, the eagles will be without head coach brett fox on friday as they open postseason play agai 4a state ear runner-up..)after stumbling through the middle portion of their schedule, east noble enters the tournament on a three-game winning streak..the first of those three victories came against then-undefeated columbia city back on october 2nd..the eagles got out to a 10-0 lead in that game, before the knights stormed back to score 27 c-city gets a chance to avenge that loss as they seek their first sectional win since 2014...landin markins: we're looking forward to it.

We were hoping to draw them, so that we could go and play them again and show that we can win."greg bolt: we're really excited actually.

It's kind of turned into a rivalry a little bit i think.

We were just waiting and hoping for it, watching the sectional draw.

I think we just want to come out and play and get some payback for the last game.jeff clark: you always want to beat the best, and east noble has proven over the last several years that they are the best team in the conference.

They're the standard we have to get up to, and we're just trying to get to that level, knowing that we can compete with a great program like that.

Luke amstutz: "i'm glad they're excited to play us, because we're always excited to play them.

It's two teams that have some history, and i'm sure playing east noble would be a big deal to them.

We have high expectations about how we're gonig to play every friday night.

We're going to play our best tomorrow night at home, and we expect to win.

That's waht we expect to do every week.cole shupbach: i know we're tyring to win for the seniors, the few that we have.

We're trying to repeat what we had last year, same mentality going into this postseason, knowing that we will be one of the best teams, and hopefully we show it.rowan zolman: "we just don't like columbia city, so we're going to go out and play harder than them, and win.")?

Kickoff here in kendallville is set for 7 olock tomorrow night.

Wel have highlights for you in the locker room, which will begin after game three of the world series..

And here's a look at what you'll see tomorrow night in the locker room...we'll of course have our game of the week between c city and east noble..

We'll have the now on northfield at southwood...1a number one south adams vs union city... eastside at bluffton..

Angola at dekalb and central noble at can also see huntington north at wayne... whitko at luers... new haven at south... garrett hosting jimtown..

And west noble facing john glenn...all that and more for you tomorrow after the world series..

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