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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Your Voice You Future

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Your Voice You Future
Your Voice You Future
Your Voice Your Future

Highway patrol has not yet released the results of the crash investigation.

>> jon: five people in mike pence has tested positive.

Mike and his wife tested negative sunday.

He is still planning to make appearances everyday until election day.

One of the stops will be in greenville on tuesday.

>>> live look right now on the senate floor.

That's where judge amy coney barrett expected to be confirmed to the supreme court.

As fox news correspondent doug luzader reports from washington with the election just over a week away both president trump and former vice president joe biden could get boost with supporters and enter new energy to both campaigns.

>>> supreme court battle has been short and intense and may help drive supporters of both biden and trump to the polls.

>> i will see you later.


>> reporter: president trump didn't like what he heard during the 60 minutes interview so he walked out.

What we heard on capitol hill yesterday was no doubt more pleasing.

>> yeas 51, nays are 48.

The motion is agreed to.

>> the u.s. senate worked through the weekend to move ahead with the supreme court nomination with amy coney barrett and final vote is likely to happen today.

>> we are giving you a great new supreme court justice, by the way.

>> reporter: nomination became a rallying cry for conservative vote chores traditionally kept close yay on the court.

This time around voters on the left are fired up as well.

>> there's been an awakening on the left and conversation about packing the court.

So i think it could end up being a wash and you got two bases which are already extremely motivated to vote and you just sort of given them a little extra shot of steroids.

About packing the court adding justices to sway the ideological ballots.

From vice president joe biden refused if he will push for that and he will have a commission to decide after the election.

>> number of things of scholars debated and look to see what recommendations that might make.

>> reprter: that is the difficult balancing act for voters.

The idea of court packing may be popular among some on the left but polls show that voters by in large oppose it.

In washington doug luzader fox news.

>> jon: election day eight days away.

More votes have been cast than 2016 ballots.

This year's total barely more than that with eight days left and new poll with cnn.

>> leah: if you need a ride on election day no problem.

Plus one vote will partner with lyft to help give people ride to the polls and extend to people living in charleston and midlands as well.

>> jon: jaime harrison hosting a concert including charlemagneed