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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 28, 2020 (Part 3)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 28, 2020 (Part 3)
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 28, 2020 (Part 3)

The North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center has just graduated 23 new officers.

And NASA researchers have detected water droplets on the Moon!

On mid moth there are 23 new police officers ready to protect and serve across northeast mississippi.

The north mississippi law enforcement traing center graduated 23 members from class b 65.

The cadets spent twelve weeks living through the week at the academy, where they took part in classroom work, and other essential parts of police work, such as pursuit driving, firearms traing, self defense techniques and many other topics.

The newest officers say they worked hard and are looking forward to the next step in their careers.

For one of the graduates the ceremony had an extra special meaning.

Wcbi's allie martin tells us about the new officer and a close family member who knows what it is like to walk the thin blue line.

As jared thompson walked across the stage to graduate from class b 65, his grandmother was cheering him on nats wanda lindsey is the dare officer with the amory police department.

She graduated from the north mississippi law enforcement training center, the same as her grandson, in 1996.

"i know exactl what he went through."

Jared says his grandmother was instrumental in his decision to become a police officer.

Earlier this year, jared, who is also a professional bodybuilder, was working at premiere athletix.

But when covid hit and gyms shut down, jared had a talk with his grandmother.

"it was a wake u call, i re thought my life, and wanted a new career, new direction, so went to my grandmother, and got some of her advice, law enforcement it was."

So when it came time for the pinning ceremony, when a spouse or family member puts the badge on the police academy graduate, jared asked his grandmother to do the honors.

Nats wanda is proud of her grandson and jared says he is grateful for his grandmother's support, encouragement and prayers.

"we pray for hi every night and pray for other officers and other people in this line of duty, cause we know they have it hard, and pray for families, they have it hard too, waiting on their husband or wife to come home, it will be a tough job but i know he can fulfill it."

"she's a veteran she has worked all different parts of law enforcement field, and i know she will be able to answer any questions i have."

Jared looks forward to starting his career as a police officer, and helping others everyday, just like his grandmother has done for more than twenty years.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news .

Scientists may have unlocked some of the secretes hidden with in the dark side of the moon.

Kit doe explains.

Yes, ice has been found in dark moon craters.

But what about water in the bright parts of the lunar surface, where temperatures can reach 260 degrees fahrenheit?

Wouldn't the water just boil off and vaporize?

Enter sofia, short for "stratospheri observatory for infrared astronomy" basically a 747 operated by nasa ames, with a high- power telescope that looks out a rear hatch.

The jet flies at 45- thousand feet, where the air is crystal clear.

Normally, sofia looks into deep space for distant nebulas, galaxies, and black holes.

But nasa ames got the idea to point the telescope at the moon&specifically right here&at the so-called "claviu crater" their findings were published today in the journal 'nature astronomy', titled 'molecular water detected on sunlit moon by sofia.'

Naseem rangwala at nasa ames described the moment the team knew they were onto something.

Th the researchers theorize that tiny micrometeorites smashing into the moon surface created tiny beads of glass that could have trapped the water molecules inside.

Or maybe, hydrogen atoms from solar storms collided with hydroxyl on the moon, and formed water that way.

Whatever the case, add this latest discovery to the growing list of places to find water on the moon, that could support a moon base, to one day help put a human on mars.

When we come back, a conversation with stevie nicks.

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