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Monday, March 8, 2021

Part 1 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents

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Part 1 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents
Part 1 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents
Part 1 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents

Known in political circles in and around hamilton county.

Marcia, yes it is here or shown to operates.

Yes, exterior design and is the current hamilton county republican part chair portion or the sewer change, former democratic party chair and heavily county both with your occult times before.

He wanted to have you back one more time is your thoughts change on the presidential election.

We are going to shift into the vice presidency, pure animal stewart harry feeling about the chances for your preferred candidate joe biden white yellow mitt i'm going for jovan so let's get that out but you know what i do now.

As i tried to look at things objectively on the past few days numbers close in some states numbers have stayed steady in other states.

Overall jovan still wins national news video pennsylvania on wisconsin and maybe michigan could be tha states that the site is this on election and poll numbers are consistent all three sites.

Yes, well, i don't believe the polls remember what happened last tim in 2006 dane and when you look at the major crabs that are coming to the trip rallies how can you believe the polls.

The enthusiasm for donald j trump is over the moon and i can't get but seven people in little circles and he won't even take press questions until the polls can be oversample that one demographic under sample another.

We must justify whatever outcome the person is commissioning the polls desire to question and outsell in their oversampling democrat in these polls and has been proven tasty but that's exactly what it's because our bad polls are impor your white chip.

There's a thing called a push poor you can ask question which the answer that you want the legitimate polls out there that are very credible.

Two things of change since last election.

You don't have hillary clinton.

She was largely unpopular.

These were the two most unpopular candidates in modern election history and you now have joe biden's numbers are much better if you look at the legitimate polls in pennsylvania.

He leads by two points in wisconsin by 5 to 7 points and flew for exampl, these vital points that that's just not by today's standard that's consistent throughout th whole lexapro at two point florida trump best not what the measurement polls, a chip is all so plants are legitimate polls on the polls.

You can do do: polls and you can do online.

Also it shows one of the legitimate polls out there that will work very well legitimate polls company that doesn't really ballpoint's.

If you pay attention fox news polls might look at them.

They also are consistent and the consistency is is up now qualify that on election day.

Things could change.

Trying vice president you how much weight you say the vice presidency carries in this particular election as compared into previous elections, willin carries a lot because of the agent that attended.

And so i think we have to look at these kidneys vice presidential candidate very closely and as we know biden is not doing very well and he has campaigned he can hardly put two sentences together and i don't even let him at the basement.

Usually he finally got a little pressure t get out today in florida because trump is doing so many rallies so much enthusiasm and he is eating biden in that enthusiasm gap.

Do you think drug second page of the bill clinton playbook as clinton was seemingly in prayer for different states every day leading up to election day.

His single tromping same things the numbers for the rally's thousand 1500 people couple thousand people.

This is is the same as it was last time we need to know trump lost the election last time by the popular vote 3,000,000 votes and it could be the same this time with the dynamics that are changing from rallies around.

They said he wants but it didn't change the popular vote is going on percent of the 49 percent of people voted in black turnout is really significant and one state, including outsell allergy test leading black but i'm only going to be at the 20 seventh black also with the hispanic beth asked why he thought of that now herschel walker what he says he


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