TikTok users are sharing their 'wicked random celebrity beef'
TikTok users are sharing their 'wicked random celebrity beef'

TikTok user boatflygirl bravely sourced stories of drama between the rich and famous and us mere mortals.Catalinaaacat’s brother vs.

Leonardo DiCaprio.“My brother pushed an A-list celebrity out of an elevator,” she said at the beginning of the story.She said her brother was a part of Colin Powell’s security detail.

While he was working an event, a man tried to get into an elevator he was guarding.“I’m sorry, do you know who I am?” the man asked her brother.

“Yes I do, Mr. Dicaprio,” her brother responded, before “yeeting” him out of the elevator.Picklestreet vs.

LeVar Burton and Pixar.TikTok user Picklestreet made a bold claim about one of America’s most beloved TV hosts.“So I’m still piecing together all the evidence, but I’m pretty sure in 1999 LeVar Burton stole my idea and sold it to Pixar,” he said.at age 10, he wrote a book for the “Reading Rainbow” children’s book competition.

“Jumbo’s Adventure” followed a clownfish lost in the ocean and chased by sharks.when he saw the trailer for “Finding Nemo” in a theater three years later, He found the similarities between his book and the film to be a little bit too uncanny