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Sunday, April 11, 2021


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Coming up find out what guidelines georgia has in place for voters with the coronavirus.

And law enforcement groups across the country are preparing for what could happened after election night.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

Andrew has the night off.

In the run up to tomorrow's presidential election, many are worried about the possibility of civil unrest.

But members of the national council on election integriy are warning that we might not find out who the winner of the election is, until days after.

Council member and former u-s representative zach wamp is urging candidates to not declare an early victory on election night.

He says it could ignite violence in many american cities.

"there's tremendous interest in this election, that's the good news.

The bad news is we're very tribal and there's almost a tinder box out there that could be ignited that we're concerned about, you know, violence."

The council will be holding optional daily meetings starting tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock eastern on zoom.

With mounting concerns over the possibility of post-election violence, the georgia department of public safety issued a statement, saying, quote, "election time is always a heavy concern for the department of public safety, and it is even more concerning during these most recent times of civil unrest around the state.

A primary goal of d-p-s is the safety of those exercising their constitutional rights, whether it be during the election process or engaging in first amendment right activities."

"d-p-s has prevention and response measures in place for concerns of extremist violence.

D-p-s will not share those prevention and response measures in advance of the upcoming election, as it would compromise strategic planning, and the safety of the troopers and officers involved."

There is an emergency voting site available for anyone with covid-19, if you think you have symptoms, or are in quarantine..

Tomorrow, the voting site will be located at the election commission office at 700 river terminal road.

It will be open from 8 to 8.

Election officials are recommending you call before you come at the number you see on your screen.

The georgia department of health is updating its protocols for isolation and quarantine, allowing people to vote in person on election day.

Georgia voters who are quarantining tomorrow can be at polling sites, but they're encouraged to take the proper steps to protect poll workers and fellow voters.

They include wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others, and frequently sanitizing and hand washing.

Officials say voting equipment will be sanitized throughout the day.

If you're considered a case, the health department says you should inform your registered polling location.

We want to make sure that the poll that you're going to knows that you a contact or a case so they can help facilitate your activities at the poll site themselves.

Georgia officials say you cannot be turn away from voting at any polling location just because you're not wearing a mask.

Georgia officials say more than 400 thousand georgians requested their absentee ballots online.

And more than 100 thousand signed up for ballot tracking services for for updates on their absentee status.

Gabriel sterling explains what you can do if you have not received your absentee ballot yet.

Theres two things theycan do: they can wait for today, see if the ballot comes in, vote it and then drop it in the drop box but the main thing that they're probably going to have to do is go to their polling location, tell the poll worker and poll manager they need to cancel their ballot, get that caneled and then they'll be able to vote in person.

Sterling says data suggest about a 20 minute wait time at each polling location in georgia.

Tomorrow is election day and the presidential contenders are criss-crossing the nation to make their closing arguments to the voters.

Natalie brand is at the white house with a look at their final push.

On the eve of election day... president trump and democratic presidential nominee joe biden are hitting the campaign trail in five crucial states.

The president makes the most campaign stops at five rallies... "get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, get your coworkers, get your boss, grab him by the tie and say let's go boss.

And get out and vote."

Democratic presidential candidate joe biden has three rallies -- kicking off the day with a last minute stop cleveland, ohio.

Presidential candidate) "tomorrow we have an opportunity to put an end to a presidency that's divided this nation."

"the fight for pennsylvania is dominating both campaigns' final hours before tuesday's election -- with all four candidates fanning out across the commonwealth."

Vice presidential candidate/lehigh valley, pa) "pennsylvania will determine who will be the next president of the united states."

"the road to victory goes right through the keystone state."

Presidential candidate/ monaca, pa) "we can only get this done in pennsylvania."

"we win pennsylvania, we win the whole deal.

You know that, right?"

Former president barack obama is pushing to get out last minute voters in atlanta, georgia, and miami, florida -- two states where the black vote could be key to a biden victory.

" you can deliver the change that we need, but you're going to have to vote."

More than 96-million americans have already cast early ballots... and a recent cbs news poll shows biden has an edge with early voters, though the vast majority of the president's supporters are expected to come out on election day.

Natalie brand, cbs news, the white house.

More than half of tennessee registered voters have already cast their ballots early in-person, or absentee by mail.

Secrety of state tre hargett suggests arriving at polling sites at non peak times, like mid-morning or afternoon.

Hargett also says polling sites will also follow c-d-c guidelines.

We are doing everything we can to make those polling sites safe and secure but we also ask voters to do their part.

We want voters to wear a face covering, we want them to social distance, be respectful of one another.

They're going to notice that election officials have done a great job of makingit a clean environment and reducing the number of touch points so that voters can come in and not touch multiple things that other people have touched.

Hargett says you should contact your local election commission about voting sites that accomodate voters who have the coronavirus.

Firefighters are investigating the cause of a house fire in ooltewah this morning.

It happened shortly after 6:30 at a home on azlar drive.

The tri-community volunteer fire department responded.

The homeowners were out of town.

No one was hurt.

The house is considered a total loss with damages listed at 120 thousand dollars.

In walker county, a fire this morning displaced a family of six.

Firefighters responded to a home on henry hawkins drive in the center post community shortly before 8.

Five adults and a child were inside when the fire started.

Everyone got out safely and no one was hurt.

Walker county fire rescue investigators ruled it was acciental.

The home, which did have working smoke alarms, is considered a total loss.

The tennessee highway patrol has identified the driver who was killed in wreck friday in polk county.

They say 28 year old ian galloway's ford focus struck a road sign and a tree before coming to rest on railroad tracks.

Galloway was from benton.

We now know the ages of the victims who were injured in a shooting saturday afternoon.

Chattanooga police say two of the victims are 19, and the third is 18.

The shooting happened on glenwood drive near c-h-i memorial hospital.

Police say one victim's injuries are life threatening.

They're still investigating.

Call c-p-d if you have any information.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows up next bekah bidsall >> you will email you in your three things start to your monday and we have a another old night ahead as you can see breeze warnings are highlighted in the purple color all the way until 9 am tuesdays was good to be a cold start to your election day for the rest of the valley under a frost advisory for temperatures plunging down all the way at once again into the mid-30s temperatures right now feels like 50s accent and a new go 50s next down in roman already cooler 40 44 feels like brent murphy wings have a slight breeze out there 15 to 20 miles 44 feels like brent murphy wing have a slight breeze out there 15 to 20 mph in some isolated areas as you plan out your evening if you do have any outdoor plans to want to bring my jacket at your 9 pm hour to purchase will be plunging into the low 40s and then again overnight lows will be reaching your freezing levels once again to have another look at your forecast coming up next and next on his well now at 530 here fro chattanooga mayor and the verse about how the coronavirus is affecting our community and mor on flu season ... you are in your new life and is well now five 530 in your community news today we are aching which had been there and he work i member you for joining us this evening let's talk a little bit about cove in 19 numbers right here in the tennessee valley we have darted to see an uptick what are some of your concerns right now will numbers are really just starting to see you talk to in the country right now so we really were taking every bit of precaution staying away from more proud of you were wearing best friend will be distributed we have is we can't think that you are just resigned and is what happen we take responsibility and stop thinking of mass mayor burke you are encouraging us a wide mask mandate for those communities that are not required in acquiring them right now we can really see normal areas some of our most disturbing numbers tha is causing increased hospitalizations at our facilities is a great concern and want to make sure people understand you can take your also encouraging folks to get the flu shot as well and you ca also get tested many locations right here in the tennessee valley is our stove in 19 go one of the issues that happens in the months is that it's not jus random virus patients during the hospital but also the patient started to go so we can't let our hospital system overload is seen happen in other parts of the country as part of that is taking the shot i did weeks ago i would encourage everybody get out there and find a tree we are also encouraging everyone to ge out and vote tomorrow is election day what would you say that unity out there if they haven't cast their ballot yet well it's time to get this election over with no matter who you will be as far as the national election also stated in elections that are on the ballo so it makes a difference i believe in elections honestly also in front of them that everybody is just change the course of our community absolutely when you're getting out to vote i will be doing so make sure you're wearing your math and social distancing as well mayor burke is a little bit about the senior tax freeze wit the city of chattanooga and how it works right here in our unity will anyone who is very low income senior has the right to ensure that are is that you have to apply this is something that we enacted just a couple years ago in addition about the united way will pay your water will be used so contact us and make sure you apply in if you all on it will make the difference in your bottom line and if this'll like some more information about this how they do a member they can go to china.the call 311 whatever they can do you can always email me mirror to deduct the just don't let that opportunity lately hannegan their anti-birth thank you for joining us this evening and updating us on what's going on in and around the tennessee valley and you are right stay with us everyone will be right back for this short break coming up on friday is as i found lots for sale more avoid using the patient at the help with anxiety especially ahead of a lack and day and it is a sacrifice we look at some of the features of sony's new game console playstation by going as want to see valley is starting the first week of november's currently on a chilly noting in ross advisories and freeze warnings will be in place tonight all the way to early tuesday mornings if you have an plans on voting tomorrow deftly want to bring a jacket with you obsolete gorgeous sunset right now overly pointing yes this is when the sun is going to beginning to start to that righ now 560 out there amenity very low 25% as you can see current service analysis by cold front is long gone and wears still feeling the effects of those northerly winds high-pressure system just putting what the west of us is going to be keeping us nice and dry for the next couple days really not a whole lot happening in the tennessee valley can really sink dry all the way into about saturday with high-pressure system really starting to build an update on the tropics category four hurricane rita is quite the monster of a storm right now maximums seen when the hundred and 30 miles per hour will bring catastrophic winds t areas like nicaragua and honduras over the next couple days being life-threatening storm surge and flash flooding but notice the remnants of eta will be pushing back into the tropical atlantic social networking be watching as it could redevelop in the tropical atlantic and actually have impacts on the goal by next wee so long way away but something that were to be monitoring cooler out in the tennessee valley we have 120 cooler in birmingham nine in chattanooga and 15 over in nashville current temperatures across the region 49 in knox health 40s have been in london and 55 over in nashville again a another cold morning x acted 30s x expected in chattanooga 34 in lj and 34 over in murphy again as we go into tomorrow morning freeze warnings us partially for higher elevations will be much cooler than the rest of the valleys to act now cover outdoor vegetatio about pipes and has always brin those pets indoors tonight sticking look at this future gassing in any plans on voting is actually in the early morning hours my want to bring out the winter coat sweater because it is going to be chilly in the mi- 30s but i around noon time getting much warmer fifth the sixth agrees very pleasant and very comfortable temperatures turning to the made 60s by around four 5 pm so it can be a absolute fantastic they do not let the weather stop you from voting tomorrow tuesday 9 pm already 470 and will be droppin only to the loaf 40s with the several degrees warmer for your wednesday as we going to the afternoon is can even warmer fo your wednesday afternoon for 5 pm we could be reaching the upper 60s even low 70s for some diecast for tomorrow high exceed 40 again starting on a cold but pleasant by the afternoon so against a great da to get out and though if you haven't already and as always you can tell that news 12 now i will tell you there is any watches warnings or advisory in the region it is also free all you have to do is search news 1 now looking at in this forecast and half a collection date or gas feasible and comfortable this week and next rain chance will be saturday they with us from epb fiberoptics listener here is your seven day forecast really pleasant as tomorrow is ashley by the afternoon again highs in the midst exceeds wednesday more sunshine almost warming up to 700 few clouds coming in for your thursday looks like our next batch shot for a summary although it pretty slim chance will be for saturda emily will be contacting 5% said word with elementary school teacher is finding creative ways for students to read ... we have a very special request for our good news segment today as you know it takes a lot of energy to keep the attention of elementary school children we felt one cleveland instructor who's got plenty of it cake boxes been making videos for he students at michigan ave., elementary to help encourage them to read during the pandemic ratios as the children's book character julie the joe's and joe the answer beatrice la beatrice d in math all cats what today hallway is going to plan the playground in the that we your growth you will ... be excited and mindful about to wait in the we can have those no.

Does god love you agree to the funeral of a teacher or anyone else who's got the kind of energy and attitude drop me a line right here.

Russ c chapman.

Russ c see chapman at on job job and join us tomorrow afternoon about the same time more good ... the spirit of following has not been deterred by the pandemic i transylvania dracula's castle hosted usual celebration this year dracula fans following strict calls count dracula castles as above the trees time of year is the season for this sort site known as brand so despite abandoning visitors are still flopping there eileen is time right there regarding a

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