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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mississippi has a new state flag

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Mississippi has a new state flag
Mississippi has a new state flag
Mississippi has a new state flag.

Mississippi has a new state - flag.

- tuesday residents had to decide- whether to accept a new - state flag to replace one that- had the confederate - battle emblem.- a single design featuring a - magnolia encircled by - stars and the phrase, "in god w- trust."

Was on the ballot - for a yes-or-no vote.

- a majority of voters said yes,- and the flag will now become an- official state symbol.- for the local group mississippi- rising coalition, they see the- overwhelming support for the ne- state flag as a huge- victory.- their initial goal as an- organization was to see the - removal of the confederate- emblem on the former state- flag.

- - lea campbell, ms rising - coalition - "our second goal was to make- sure the new flag was supported- by a majority of- mississippi and that it was - chosen by a diverse group of- - - - mississippians that included.

- black and ididegencous.

We- couldn't be prouder and are ver- satisfied - with yesterday's results."- now the group is working with - - - - various communities across the- state to help remove what they- consider- symbols of "white supremacy"- from all public - places.



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