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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Breeders Cup GMK 110620

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Breeders Cup GMK 110620
Breeders Cup GMK 110620
The Breeders Cup World Championships kick off this morning at Keeneland.

C1 3 time now xxx the breeders cup world championships will kick off this morning in keeneland!

The race would normally bring the world to lexington... but no fans will be in the stands this weekend.

Fs txt bullets:no breeders' cup world championships happening today -first post time: 11:30 a.m.


-br ... races will be you won't miss out on the action!

The first post time is 11:30..this morning.

And friday's first breeders' cup race will be race #6 at 2:30 p-m..

The breeders cup classic championship is tomorrow at 5-13 p- m.

L3: white breeders raising horseracing champions paris the horses and their trainers have been hard at work getting ready for the cup.

Our abc 36's alex king spoke with one farm owner about what goes into raising a champion.

Lyra miller and her husband charles have been raising thoroughbreds as part of his retirement.

Goldencents was their champion in the breeders cup six years ago.

And now, four horses related to him are running in this year's cup.

The millers don't own every horse on the farm... but they treat each and every one like family.

Lyra:"each horse has lots and lots of space, we don't like to overgraze, we like them to have lots of space to run.

So the horse is number one here, people come second."

Miller says sometimes people forget that no one would have a


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