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Monday, March 8, 2021

11-6 edition of KQ2 Football 2 Night

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11-6 edition of KQ2 Football 2 Night
11-6 edition of KQ2 Football 2 Night
11-6 edition of KQ2 Football 2 Night

Championship contiuning tonight across missouri and kansas... good evening i'm chris roush..

And this isn't your typical football 2 night show..

It's a little shorter, but still a lot of games and scores to get to night..

And let's go ahead and get things started..

Heading down to the stomping grounds of an old midland empire conference team... class 4 district 8 semifinals..

#5 lafayette on the road at #1 smithville... last time these two teams faced... 2017 when smithville still a member of the mec...=== start early in the first... smithville driving... and finishing up the drive with this beautiful pitch and catch..

Pat good..

Warriors up 7-0...=== lafayette..

Down 7..

Trying to get something going..

Miles henderson breaks a few tackles to keep the drive going... ==== a few plays later though..

Jaron saunders rolls out to his right throws the ball down field picked off...==== trouble early for lafayette...=== next drive for smithville hand off to hayden sigg..

With the cut back..

Shakes defenders..

He'll score..

14-0 smithville..

Warriors end lafayette's season... 42-0..

Round 2 between maryville and cameron hound pound in the district semifinals.

Defenses owned the first 9 minutes connor weiss broke out.

Weiss takes the hand off around the right end.

Left guard jackson ozanne (pr: oh-zann) crushes one cameron defender then gets another block downfield.

Weiss is gone spoofhounds lead it 6-0 at the end of the first quarter.== later opens a big hole and he trots in from 13-yards out.

14-point maryville lead.== late in the first half nothing after a trey houchin t- d crack at it breaks a tackle middle of the field gone.

27-0 at halftime.

Hounds win this one..

41-13... in class 3 district 8 next week... for the district title..

Maryville will travel to the 1-seed, richmond spartans, who just edged chillicothe tonight 38-35... lots of first for the mid- buchanan dragon football team this year..

Undefeated 9-0 regular season..

Kci champions for the first time in program history... and with all of that..

It lead the dragons to the 1-seed in class 1 district 8..

Ending up with a bye last week..


Back at it in the semifinals... in faucett..

#1 team in class 1..

The dragons hosting..

The five-seed polo panthers...=== polo starts with the football..

Able to put a few plays together..

Moving the chains..

Takes about six minutes off the clock..

But ends up a turnover on downs around the dragons 35...=== mid-buch's first play from scrimmage..

Quarterback javan noyes..

Quick throw to rawlins brant on the screen..

Blockers clear the way..

Brant with some space..

Eventually brought down but not before getting into panthers territory..=== few plays later on fourth down..

Inside the 15... noyes..

On the option..

Pitches to brant..

Walks into the endzone..

7-0 mid-buch with the pat..=== polo problems on the ensuining kickoff..

Aiden baker on the return..

Butch walters makes a great play on the ball..

Knocks it loose..

Ben pugh falls on it... dragons turn the turnover into points..

Going up 14-0...=== let's go to the second quarter..

Mid-buchanan trying to make it a three score game... driving in polo territory..

Noyes throws it up to running back tj runyan..

Touchdown dragons..

21-0 with the point after..

Mid-buchanan leads 28-0 and goes on to punch the ticket to the district title game..

Winning this one..

55-6 over in gower... 2-seed east buchanan bulldogs..

Hosting the three seed west platte blue jays... in the c1 district 8 semifinals...=== low scoring one tonight... defensive stalemate..

Blue jays driving... dublin carnahan on the run..

And watch logan taylor..

Helmet on the ball..

Knocks it loose..

Gavin ray recovers... === turnover doesn't hurt the blue jays though..

Able to corral east buchanan's offense...== to the second quarter... no score still..

After a bulldogs punt..

Tanner rowe... hands off to brandon james..

Going down the sideline..

Takes a huge hit..

But west platte in business... === and the blue jays give james the ball again to punch it in..

West platte up 8-0..

Bulldogs answer later in the second..

This one comes down to a east buchanan field goal with about a minute to play in the game..

East buchanan comes away with the hard-fought win..

11-8... so with all of that..

We've got our class 1 district 8 championship for next friday... #1 mid-buchanan will host #2 east buchanan..

In the battle of the buchanans..

The dragons won the regular season meeting in week 7 in gower... and in district 7... #4 hamilton knocks off #1 south harrison, 40-28, to advance to the district championship game..

And 3-seed princeton knocks off #2 milan..

So it's a three-four matchup next week in class 1 district 7... still to come on kq2 news at 10 and this abbreviated football 2 night... we head to the land of 8-man football... the number 1 seed in district 3..

North andrew hosting and looking to make it back to the district title game..

For the first time since 2018... also, maur hill..

On the road tonight..

But running into one of the best team's in kansas..

Highlights from this one in 22 days..

We'll crown the 8-man state champion..

Hard to believe..

But just like 11-man..

It's district semifinal friday night at the 8-man level..

Up to rosendale we go..

#1 north andrew..

#4 pattonsburg in district 3...=== early in the first -- cardinals marching down the field -- carson thomas hands it off to hayden ecker -- he finds a hole and cuts back getting into the endzone for a 12 yard touchdown... 2 point conversion is good -- cardinals up 8-0=== we move to the second quarter now -- score still 8-0 cardinals in scoring territory... ecker gets the handoff again and he flys into the endzone cardinals lead 14-0=== pattonsburg looking to get something going zane reed in shotgun looking deep downfield and he connects with cameron jones down the sideline...=== but north andrew would stop the panthers from scoring and get the ball back... cardinals in panther territory... thomas hands the ball off to -- guess who -- hayden ecker and he gets into the endzone for his third touchdown... 2 point conversion is good cardinals up 22-0=== the panthers battle back.... but the cardinals advance with a 44-34 win..

In graham..

Still in district 3..

Two-seed south holt/nodaway-holt..

Hosting the six seed king city...=== wildkats opening drive... under center..

Landon wells drops back..

The lefty..

Looking down field..

Finds his tight end corbin taylor... who gets his behind his defender..

For six... two-point conversion..


Two-minute 8-points... === but here come the spartans... drew quinlin..

Play action..

Connects with the fullback brody scroggins..

The game needs more fullbacks..

He moves the chains on third down...=== later in the drive... quinlin..

From a yard out..

Touchdown spartans..

2-point conversion no good..

King city leads 8-6...=== but south holt/nodaway-holt..

One of the top teams in the 275 conference this year..

Showing why... known to run..

But can air it out..

Quinlin lets it fly..

Dylan shuetz runs underneath it..

Touchdown spartans..

They take the lead and don't give it up..

South holt/nodaway- holt wins 53-22 so, in district 3..

District title next week..

#1 north andrew hosting #2 south holt/nodaway-holt..

These two meeting for first time since 2018..

So how about district 4... top-seed stanberry... hosting the five-seed rock port...=== bulldogs already up 8-0..

2nd quarter freshman tucker shieber from 15-yards..

His second of the night..=== tough night for the blue jays... austin colvin snuffs out this run..

Not much doing..=== and the bulldogs offense keeps rolling... schieber with a lot of running room..

Gets down inside the rock port 20... === then goes in from 7-yards out... six total touchdowns for the freshman..

Stanberry rolls..

56-0 in another 2 versus 6 matchup..

In 8-man football..

East atchison hosting worth county, after the tigers upset mound city last week..=== early in the firs quarter tigers with the ball -- aydan gladstone looking to pass rolling out to his right and throws it on the run -- he connects with jackson runde who gets just behind the defender -- and he will go into the endzone for a touchdown... tigers up 6-0=== wolves looking to answer--- ian hedlund gets the handoff, he gets hit but breaks a tackle and then another -- carrying defenders into the endzone for a touchdown... 2 point conversion is good -- wolves up 8-6=== late in the first -- wolves with the ball again... hedlund gets the hand off again -- he breaks one tackle and he has nothing but daylight heading into the endzone... wolves up 16-6=== east atchison goes on to win 60-14 tonight sets up a good one next week..

1-stanberry and two east atchison..

District title game..

These two met on october 16..

Bulldogs won that one in a low- scoringbattle..

18-16... what about district's a rematch from week 5..

Drexel and archie..

Drexel won the first matchup 43-6... but this time..

It's for a district title..

And in district 2 of 8-man football..

It's the top two- seeds and this one will be a battle..

Southwest livingston on a quest to play in another state title game..

Will host a very good north shelby team... and we're not done..

We've got to cross the river... head over to the kansas side of the postseason..

Maur-hill looking for a state title on their own..

But a massive test tonight... maur hill heads to rossville in the regional round for kansas football playoffs forward to the bulldawgs second touchdwon as rossville runs it into the endzone.=== the undeeated ravens had some fight in them as drew caudle throws a touchdwon to grant co-ker.

Ravens down 7.===but the best offense in 2-a could not be stopped onto win it 53-21.

Ending the ravens season the anderson auto group play of the stewartsville/osborn's keaton martens makes a tremendous catch for a touchdown in the wildcards' game friday night... ruled a touchdown on the field... great play... debate if you want, the nfl would..

But tremendous play... vote next week for our play of the week on our website at for this edition of football 2 night..

Shorter version, but still plenty of fun... we'll be back next friday night..

It's district championship night..

See you then...


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