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Saturday, March 6, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 11/08/20

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 11/08/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 11/08/20
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 11/08/20

Joe biden's presidency starts on inauguration day but with a pandemic and battered economy, he's trying to get a head start on addressing the nation's challenges.

éé michael george is in wilmington, delaware with more.

éé the day after his victory speech, president-elect joe biden attended church and stopped by the gravesite of his son beau.

''the people of this nation have spoken.

They've delivered us a clear victory, a convincing victory.'' at saturday night's rally, biden said he plans to form a covid task force, as new cases in the u-s continue to reach record heights.

''the reality is that by the time the president-elect takes office, we'll probably be at the sort of apex, if you will, of what we're going through right now.'' -- butt to -- ''they're going to take the-- the biden covid plan that involves robust testing, tracing, and dealing with the economic fallout.'' after a round of sunday golf, president trump tweeted about the election outcome.

''since when does the lamestream media call who our next president will be?

We have all learned a lot in the last two weeks!

Trump's attorney rudy giuliani says lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results will be filed this week.

So far, president trump has offered no evidence of his claims of voter fraud.

When he takes office on january 20th, biden says he will work as hard for those who didn't vote for him as those who did.

Here in wilmington delaware, where the president elect is known as "uncle joe", many told us they've seen first-hand the qualities he'll bring to the white house.

''it's just so nice to see the community coming together behind someone who's going to hopefully do so much good for all of us.'' and with its hometown hero heading to the white house, this city of just over 70 thousand is about to get an even bigger place on the political map.

Michael george/cbs news/wilmington, delaware.

After a few rounds of fall-like weather over the past month or so, warmer weather has returned to the area.

Aside from some showers on tuesday and wednesday, no major weather is expected over the next seven days.

Tropical update: tropical storm eta is currently bringing heavy rain and wind to southern florida and the florida keys as the storm a child has died after falling out of a vehicle in tupelo.

éé lee county coroner carolyn greene says 2- year-old kamarian herron of houston fell out of a moving car was struck by other traffic.éé the accident happened on the 7- hundred block of south gloster around 6:30 saturday night.éé tupelo police says all drivers remained on scene and are cooperating with the investigation.éé there are 804 new covid-19 cases in mississippi, with 10 new deaths.éé layfayette county is reporting the most new cases with 39 .éé lee county has 26.

éé pontotoc is reporting 17.

éé and clay county has 16 new cases.

éé there are more than 126 thousand cases throughout the state with 34 hundred deaths.

éé health officials presume 105- thousand people have recovered from the virus.

éé with all eyes on the election - the u.s. suffered its worst week of the pandemic.

éé adriana diaz has the latest.éé wisconsin's surge is pushing covid into new territory.

Through these doors, madison's university hospital... ...which we visited 2 weeks ago... is expanding its covid care to an additional i-c-u.

Wisconsin is one of 27 states that broke records for new daily cases this week.

Eight states have reimposed restrictions.

In contrast, these 16 don't have a state mask mandate... leaving mask wearing up to individuals instead.

In missouri, a poll worker - who knew she had covid - died on election night, after working 15 hours as an election judge supervisor.

Officials say she had limited contact with voters.

Then there's susan three irons' daughter elvia ramirez.

The youngest person in north dakota to die from covid.

St: she loved hanging out with her friends // driving around, listen to music.

And she loved tik toks.

Covid cases among native americans and alaska natives are three and a half times greater than among white americans according to a cdc study from this summer.

Elvia's mother became a covid patient herself and was taken to another hospital.

From there, she recalls watching her daughter via videolink& when the screen went black.

My daughter's heart stopped, // so they put the phone beside her.

I told her i love her.

Say goodbye.

Just not seeing her, not being able to touch her, hold her.

The native american was just 17 years old.

Adriana diaz cbs news milwaukee.

More than a week after the pontotoc school district moved high school students to virtual learning, they've announced the same decision for the junior high students.éé in a press release ,school district officials say pontotoc junior high school will transition to a virtual format beginning tuesday.

éé the decision comes after watching covid cases and close contact numbers this week.

éé junior high students will continue virtual learning for two weeks with plans to resume in- person classes the monday after thanksgiving break.

éé coming up on mom to mom... mandy is reviewing an as seen on tv product.

éé will it get a thumbs up or thumbs down.


We'll have that story after the break.


éé they're dirty, clean or in between.

éé either way, cleaning home appliances can be a chore.

éé mandy is testing a product that might help get those stains out.

éé here's mom to mom, take a look.

éé today on mom to mom, we're going to be testing out this as seen on tv product.

Will it be a thumbs up or thumbs down?

This is the angry mama, and she's used to clean those nasty microwaves.

And according to the box, it's fairly easy.

We're about to find out.

This says, "it's going to steam away the stains and odors, and as easy as adding vinegar and water, microwaves for seven minutes, and then you're going to just wipe it clean after two minutes."

Pull off her head, and it's got these marks where it tells you the vinegar and the water.

So we're going to go ahead and fill that up.

Now, our water, simple enough, right?

Then we put her back together.

Well, angry mama right here.

So it says, to "put it in for seven minutes."

So we let her sit for two minutes, and it says "to grab angry mama by the arms because they stay cool."

Pour the solution onto a sponge, and then you wipe the microwave out.

My microwave was pretty nasty, and she seemed like she did a really decent job of kind of loosening things up.

The smell isn't that pleasant, because the hot vinegar kind of released into the air makes it slightly stinky.

But having a nice clean microwave, i would say the angry mama is a thumbs up.

If you have an as seen on tv product you would love for us to try, you can always hit us up on our facebook page.

And we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

It's getting to be the time of year where everyone wants to know...are we going to see snow this winter?

éé well, while it's impossible to tell exactly what the weather will be over the next few months, there is a way for meteorologists to get a pretty good idea.éé meteorologist trevor birchett gives us a look.

éé while i wish i had a magic 8 ball that could tell me if we're going to see snow this winter, i haven't been able to find one yet.

Believe it or not, the next best thing we have is looking at what the ocean temperatures are near the equator.

Stick with me here...depending on the pattern, ocean temperatures in the central pacific can either be warmer or cooler than normal.

These usually switch every year or so, in something referred to as the el nino southern oscillation, or enso for short.

See, when ocean waters in the pacific ocean are warmer, storms systems tend to develop over the northern pacific and track eastward through the southern us.

This is what's called el nino, and it's a good setup for us to see some colder weather and precipitation, maybe even snow.

However, when the waters in the pacific are cooler, the jet stream remains to our north, keeping us warmer through the winter.

This also means most of the storm systems remain to our north, meaning we stay drier than normal.

This is called la nina, and it's what is forecast to occur this year.

However, just because we're expected to be in a la nina pattern doesn't mean we can't see snow.

In fact, 2 out of 3 recent snow events in tupelo occured during a la nina year.

So i say all of this to's hard to predict what's going to happen 7 days in advance, much less months down the road.

We'll really just have to wait and see what happens and if we can get lucky with some snow this year.

We'll be here monitoring the weather no matter what.

And remember, if you have a weather question, let us know and we'll answer it here next week.

Until next time, i'm meteorologist trevor after a few rounds of fall-like weather over the past month or so, warmer weather has returned to the area.

Aside from some showers on tuesday and wednesday, no major weather is expected over the next seven days.

Tropical update: tropical storm eta is currently bringing heavy rain and wind to southern florida and the florida keys as the storm continues northward.

Impacts will be felt from miami up to tampa and orlando early next week in the way of flooding rain and wind.

As of now, we're not expecting anything from eta in our area.

Sunday night: a few clouds will linger tonight with skies becoming mostly cloudy at times.

Lows will be in the low 60s with a light southeasterly wind.

Monday: temperatures will remain warm as we start off the week with highs in the upper 70s and a breezy southeasterly wind.

Gusts could be as high as 20 mph as skies remain partly to mostly cloudy.

Tuesday- wednesday: an approaching cold front will bring us a shot for some showers tuesday afternoon into wednesday morning, but not everyone will see rain.

This front will also help to keep tropical storm eta to our east, so we're not expecting any impacts from that here locally.

We'll see a mix of sun instagram.

M-u-w athletic director is under fire following a report from the commercial dispatch today...the latest details, next in sports "it's like a prison mentality, and you have a warden," those were words used to describe the culture inside the mississippi university for women athletic department following a story released by ben portnoy of the commercial dispatch athletic director jason trufant is under fire facing accusations of a "toxic and bullying culture."

According to portnoy, the accusations come from a current employee, two former student- athletes and six former athletic department employees one source claiming trufant's alleged behavior is former women's basketball coach howard white..

White departed from the w athletic department in october of 2019 after securing a uscaa championship the artcle also states that the w administration conducted an investigation into allegations against trufant, however he was allowed back m-u-w sharing this statement on the allegations against trufant.... "we are proud of having been recognized the past eight years as a "great college to work for" by the chronicle of higher education."

1/2we strive to have a campus community that is welcoming and free of harassment and discrimination."

Wcbi has also reached out to trufant for comment, however he has not responded back we'll continue to update you on this story as information becomes available for the first time this season, mississippi state true freshman quarterback will rogers led the bulldogs offense from start to finish while former starting q-b k-j costello remains sidelined with an injury and no timetable for his return, rogers led state to the team's second win of the season, 24-17 the dawgs defense was the standout performer shutting out vandy in the first half and coming up with three interceptions...ho wever, rogers still took care of business the true freshman finishing the outing with 195 total yards and one touchdown m-s-u head coach mike leach saying he still wants to see more from his offense leach: "the biggest thing that we have to do is we have to play well.

My opinion on our team is going to be based on how well we play within what we're capable of at this point.

I'm not going to be very tolerant of falling short of that.

We have to play better.

We have to coach better in order to make that happen because that's where it starts.

Following another exciting saturday of football...the ap releasing it's week 11 top 25 poll let's take a look at the new and improved rankings five teams in the southeastern conference remain in the weekly rankings... coming in hot at number one...the undefeated crimson tide...alabama moves up to the number one spot following clemson's, 47-40 loss to notre dame notre dame able to move up into that 2nd ranked spot as clemson drops down to number four texas a&m and florida join alabama as the three s-e-c teams ranked in the top ten...aggies jump up to number five and florida right behind the aggies at number six meanwhile, following a big defeated against the gators, 44- 28...georgia drops down seven spots in the poll to number 12...auburn caps off the s-e-c teams to crack into the week 11 poll..the tigers remain ranked at number 24...the same ranking from the previous week the high school football postseason is officially in full swing...i'll go over first and second round match-up when we come back week ten of the high school football season officially wrapping up friday evening // while 4a, 3a, and 2a head to the second round of the playoffs, 6a, 5a, and 1a can officially begin the road to a state title let's take a look at match-ups for the upcoming week class 1a -- 1st round north west lowndes at biggersville ashland at tcps myrtle at nanih waiya french camp at baldwyn class 2a -- 2nd round north east union at j.z.

George eupora at northside calhoun city at mantachie walnut at east webster class 3a -- round 2 north choctaw county at amory senatobia at winona north panola at nettleton booneville at noxubee county class 4a -- 2nd round north west lauderdale at corinth itawamba ahs at clarksdale pontotoc at ripley new albany at louisville class 5a -- 1st round north vicksburg at grenada west point at holmes central lafayette at neshoba central ridgeland at lake cormorant class 6a -- first round north madison central at oxford hernando at south panola horn lake at clinton warren central at tupelo for all the highlights and scores, make sure to tune in on friday night's to watch wcbi endzone at 10 pm right here on wcbi we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have as for the next several days.

It does on the war though is in the upper 70s with a chance of showers tuesday night going into wednesday so that the but that makes me very sad out what you think.

What are you ready for the file out all night and support, no


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