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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What you need to know: Nov. 13

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What you need to know: Nov. 13
What you need to know: Nov. 13

Good morning, North State.

Here's what you need to know to start your day on Nov.


Record breaker here in california.

Our state..

Has now surpassed over a million positive cases.

Texas hit that same mark wednesday..

California saw its first positive coronavirus case nearly ten months ago.### business owners... listen up.

If you are looking to expand operations out onto sidewalks and/or parking garages... cal trans now has permits for that.

It's part the governor's coronavirus executive orders.

Cities and counties must apply for the permits, which temporarily suspend state laws for 120 days - which prohibit business activities near roadways.### cal fire butte county is suspending burn permits.

Cooler temperatures... higher humidiy and some winter weather -- are helping to lessen fire danger.

But... air quality i* still a concern.

Be sure to check with butte county air quality management before you burn.

For information on pile burning requirements and guidelines visit action news now dot com slash links.### with california u.s. senator kamala harris now headed to the white house... governor gavin newsom will get the chance to choose a replacement.

Those being discussed include secretary of state alex padilla.

And u.s. representative karen bass, who heads the congressional black caucus.### ten days after the election - and president joe biden... is nowthe projected winner in arizona with 99 percent of the vote..

The president's own agencies and state election representatives-- across the country say... there is... not only... no evidence of widespread voter fraud but - election security authorities categorize the 2020 race as the most secur* election in american history..### a full, by-hand, recount of the presidential election ballots will get underway in georgia today.

The margin between president-elect joe biden and president donald trump is just over 14-thousand votes...with president elect biden in the lead.

Counties in georgia have until next friday to certify their election results, nasa and space-x are preparing for saturday's astronaut launch at florida's cape canaveral.

It is the first fully operational mission for the crew dragon spacecraft.

The four astronauts on board will spend six months on the international space station.

The launch is scheduled for saturday around 7:49 p.m..

## you're never more than 10 minutes


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