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Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Night Fever: Week 11

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Friday Night Fever: Week 11
Friday Night Fever: Week 11
Scores and highlights from around Northeast Mississippi

What is up northeast mississippi, welcome in to another edition of friday night fever.

Mississippi, welcome in to another edition of friday night fever.

I'm matt st.


All divisions, all classes in the playoffs this week.

And is there anything better than playoff football?

I'll answer for you, no, no there is than playoff football?

I'll answer for you, no, no there is not.

Our game of the week featured two teams with near identical records, two excellent quarterbacks, and long winning streaks to end the regular season.

The baldwyn bearcats and the french camp academy panthers.

The bearcats have had a roller coaster season, only playing 5 games because of coronavirus complications, they ended the season at 5-3 but that was good enough to host a playoff game against the 6 and 3 panthers.

There's baldwyn's qb, maddux richey.

And french camp's calvin maddux richey.

And french camp's calvin johnson.

Both showed out in this one.

===== 14 all after the half, french camp had the ball first, here's a 3rd and long, johnson refusing to go down, doing his best lamar jackson impression, eventually finds a 3rd and long, johnson refusing to go down, doing his best lamar jackson impression, eventually finds landon rushing wide open for a big gain, what a play by the senior committed to play at navy.

===== a few plays later, johnson fakes the hand off, takes a quick look down field then takes off towards the goal line, and like mc hammer, can't touch this, touchdown french camp.

Panthers go up 20 to 14, the extra point no good.

====== richey's turn, on the following drive the senior drops back to pass, verizon, can you hear me now?

Long distance connection to blake mcgaughy for the touchdown.

The extra point was good.

21-20 bearcats.

After consecutive stops, the bearcats added another richey touchdown pass then stopped johnson on 4th and 2 from the 2 to win 28 to 20.

Baldwyn gets the winner of nanih waiya myrtle..we'll get to them later.

There are the mighty undefeated lions and the west lowndes panthers looking for an upset.

====== after a west lowndes three and out, the first play for biggersville is a grown man run by goldman butler, butler bulldogging his way down the field, shrugging off panthers left and right, gets ridden down inside the west lowndes 20 yard line.

====== couple plays later, freshman quarterback drew rowsey calls his own number, goes right up the middle untouched for six points.

The two point conversion was no good, 6 nothing lions.

======= ensuing west lowndes drive, i get faked out of my shoes on this play, but cordarius mcgee coughs up the football on the hand off, cj johnson scoops the ball up and the big man rumbles down inside the panther 10 yard line.

======= fast forward to third and goal for the lions, rowsey on the option, chooses to keep it and the decision a good one, he scampers into the endzone for the touchdown.

Biggersville rolls onto the next round.

They'll play the winner of tcps and ashland.

And ashland.

And we'll go to holmes county central, for the game between the jaguars and the west point green wave.

===== chris ivy rolling out to his left, lofts up a rainmaker, and i guess that makes trey ryland the umbrella catching the rain, gets all the way down to the one yard line.

===== next play, hand off to cameron young and he barrels over the goal line for the green wave.

====== holmes made it interesting though, here's jerrell boyd taking the wide receiver screen into the endzone for the touchdown.

This game was tied with 8:11 left in the 4th quarter.

====== but as their twitter account taking the wide receiver screen into the endzone for the touchdown.

This game was tied with 8:11 left in the 4th quarter.

====== but as their twitter account says there was just hashtag too much point, late in the game, the green wave pulls away to advance to the next round 42 to 28.

The drive for five continues next week against grenada.

Mad libs.

And now it's time for our cheer of the week, normally, we would show you a small clip of the winning team, but... so instead, here's the winning picture of the french camp cheer squad... they are our cheer squad of the week, the french camp academy panthers, a little consolation victory for the panthers, congrats girls... welcome back to friday jean.

Thanks matt.

Surprise surprise... i'm back in louisville tonight.

The wildcats hosted new albany in the second round of the 4a playoffs.

And we had ourselves a game here in the first half... the score was 14-8 coming into the third... but this kid right here... ty cooper or should i say mr. football for 4a changed the momentum for the wildcats... and here's how it starts... new albany looks to pass but big boy cooper gets his paw on the ball... tips it to himself and gets the pick six giving louisville the lead 21 to 8... gettin jiggy with it after that athletic play... but wait... there's more... joe matthis looks down field but cooper comes flying in for the sack and forces new albany to punt on fourth down... and like i said he was a spark... the wildcats march down the field and with a hand-off to jacorey coleman he finds his way into the endzone to give louisville a 28-8 lead.

New albany tries with all their might for the comeback but it was louisville who came out on top tonight 28-15... wow... it was obvious after tonight why they named ty cooper mr. football... pushed his team to find that spark needed to finish off the game and head to round three of the playoffs.

The wildcats will take on pontotoc in the next round... reporting live from louisville high school for friday night fever, rhea thornton wtva 9 news.

The nanih waiya warriors look to continue their undefeated streak as they hosted myrtle high school tonight... and it was looking pretty good for the warriors... here's the opening kick- off... senior tyquan mccully dances through the hawks defense and turns on the jets taking it all the way to the endzone giving nanih waiya an early 7-0 lead.

But that's not all... on the next drive for the warriors, tanner courtney finds austin sanders who gets the corner and saunters across the goal line... to advance the warriors lead to 14.

This was nanih waiya's game all night.

The warriors beat the hawks, 45 to 8.

Eupora came to face the gators tonight for some round 2 action of the playoffs..the gators quickly moved the ball into there redzone on their first drive and quarterback jalen ward picked up the gators first touchdown of the night on the ground to go up 8-0..a few drives later jalen ward connects with treyshon johnson for a nice little pitch and catch score to put the gators up 16-0..eupora trying to make something happens completes a screen to wide receiver tyjuan hughes for a nice gain into gator territory..the eagles go for it on fourth down a few plays later but ty murphy is unable to connect with an open bj cork..

Noxubee county faces bonneville at home chrishard rupert connects with with antonio fowler to gain a couple yards to get the momentum going.

But boonevilles big guy billy johnson brings the qb down but noxubee responds and makes their way to the end zone as chrishard rupert runs in to score td back to back championships.

It's not easily attainable.

But tonight in columbus, heritage academy had the opportunity to get to jackson, but first they had to get through adams county christian.

Our taylor tucker was there, taylor how'd this game go down?

Thanks matt.

Sad night for the patriots.

What was supposed to lead them coming out of halftime the patriots work to take the lead.

Qb finds sam hannon and they move the chains.

From their wesley miller sneaks in to get the td.

The score now 7-6 heritage but adams county christian responds and qb tripp cotten works his way in for a td 14-7 but thats ok bc here comes the patriots.

Qb mack howard finds mitchell woodward for the td.

Tied game 14-14 the teams went on to battle it out in overtime but adams christian prevailed.

Live in columbus, taylor tucker, wtva 9 news.

Icc was off this week after holmes


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