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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Absentee counting continues in race for 22nd Congressional District.

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Absentee counting continues in race for 22nd Congressional District.
Absentee counting continues in race for 22nd Congressional District.

Seven of the eight counties in the 22nd Congressional District are still counting absentee ballots to determine who will take the seat in the race between Congressman Anthony Brindisi and Republican Claudia Tenney.

Congressional district.

As the counties get closer to finishing... the gap is narrowing between the two candidates.

New channel 2's caitlin irla joins us live here in the studio with an update.

Good evening jason.

Out of the 8 counties that the 22nd congressional district covers... cortland county is the only one who is finished counting.

Within the last hour... we did get an update from oneida county board of elections.

These are the absentee numbers we have so far... incumbent, democrat anthony brindisi has 34,291 of the absentee ballots.

Republican claudia tenney has 11,014.

The counting is not done yet.

Herkimer county still needs to finish hand counted ballots.

Broome and oswego counties are finishing up counting affidavits.

Oneida, madison and tioga counties are still counting absentees.

We have no numbers from chenango county.

The chenango county board of elections has not opened any absentee or affidavit ballots yet.

They say a representative from the tenney campaign is inspecting the signatures of every returned absentee ballot first.

A rep from the brindisi campaign is also there.

The board of elections plans to start counting on thursday.

On election night... tenney lead brindisi by over 28 thousand votes.

When we add the current absentee count to the election night results.... this is what we get... tenney has 150,897.

Brindisi has 145,752.

The total difference now is 5,145.....with absentee counting continuing.

We will continue to follow this race and update you with the latest numbers as they become available.

Jason back to you.

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