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Monday, June 14, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - November 17, 2020 (Part 3)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 17, 2020 (Part 3)
Midmorning With Aundrea - November 17, 2020 (Part 3)

(Part 3 of 4) President-Elect Joe Biden has pledged to focus on climate change and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

An another storm is churning through the atlantic as people on the coast continue to cleanup from the last round.

Scientists say the record number of storms this season is connected to the climate cris.

The evidence is not in the storms' numbers -- but their power.

President-elect joe biden insists the climate will be a top priority for his administration.

As roxana saberi in london reports - america's allies say there's no time to waste.

Pkg with sea levels rising& wild-fires raging& & and wild-life, threatened with extinction, several world leaders are welcoming president-elect biden's pledges to protect the planet: "the europea union stands ready&" &to work together in the fight against climate change, mr. speaker" "&we as nation have a collective role to play in addressing the climate challenge."

"now there i considerably more hope."

Environmental lawyer michael gerrard & and his team at columbia university have tracked more than á160 roll-backs of environmental regulations under president trump.

"there was a whol host of actions that the trump administration took to encourage fossil fuels and discourage renewables.

I think we'll see a reversal of that."

Biden has promised to re-join the paris climate agreement, aimed at cutting green-house gas emissions to slow global warming.

He's also proposed a 2 trillion-dollar plan to move the u- s, the world's second-biggest emitter, to clean energy& like electricity from the wind and sun.

"by 2050, the u- will be 100% clean energy economy with net zero emissions."

But he'll likely face fierce political opposition at home.

"it looks like th biden administration will not have a cooperative senate and that may slow things down.

// but there's still a lot of tools in the toolbox."

"like what?

"the governmen can require cleaner cars, cleaner trucks // more energy efficiency in appliances and equipment."

That would help the u-s cut its greenhouse gas emissions& aligning it with the european union, japan, south korea, and china.

They're áalready pushing ahead with plans to reach net-zero emissions over the next few decades.

Energy analyst dave jones says the world needs to know the u-s will take climate change more seriously.

"america is 1 percent of all of the world's // carbon emissions, so it's a critical part of the puzzle.

So this is a global problem that needs a global solution."

And, he says, there's no time to lose, we all need to work together& fast.

Roxana saberi, cbs news, london.

Together& fast.

Roxana saberi, cbs news, london.

After a one-day delay, a crew of four lifted off sunday night aboard the space-x crew dragon capsule on their way to the international space station, where they'll live for the next six months.

Cbs news correspondent mark strassman is at the kennedy center in cape canaveral, florida.

Four astronauts lifted off sunday night on a space-x rocket flight to the international space station.

U-s air force colonel michael hopkins is leading two americans...physici st shannon walker and astronaut victor well as japanese astronaut soichi noguchi on the 27 hour trip to the space station.

Glover will become the first black astronaut to spend an extended period aboard the space station --- about six months.

The astronauts named their space- x crew dragon capsule ''resilience'' in light of this year's global challenges.

The flight was given fifty-fifty odds of even happening today after gusty winds forced nasa and the private space-x company to scrub saturday's scheduled lift-off.

After the launch, the rocket's firs stage separated from the spacecraft, and re-entered the earth's atmosphere, landing nose-up on a "drone ship" o in the atlantic.

It will be re-used for the ánextá crewed flight scheduled for march.

Vice president mike pence and second lady karen pence were on hand to watch the launch.

The mission, called crew-1, culminates a six-year, multi- billion dollar effort by nasa and spacex.

It will start a regular crew rotation of flights to the space station using american- made commercial spacecraft.

Mark strassmann/cbs news at the kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida.

No longer relying on the russians for rides into space, nasa can increase the number of astronauts who live and work aboard the $100 billion international space station.

Pigeons are often given unflattering descriptions - like rats with wings.

But those that can fly at record speeds are bringing in record money at online auctions.

International space station.

Pigeons are often gi given unflattering descriptions - like rats with wings.

But those that can fly at record speeds are bringing in record money at online auctions.

Cbs' ian lee reports from london.

This treasure chest is worth more than its weight in gold... it carries a prized pigeon named new kim&.and this bird is fast... more nats&pigeons racing pigeons can be a bit of an obsession for breeders in belgium - known as fanciers.

"so you have 20,00 pigeon fanciers in a very small country competing each other on a very high level.

It's like the champions league.

Two year old new kim soared ahead of the flock in an online bidding war.

She was put up for auction two weeks ago with a starting price of 230 dollars.

But feathers flew in the final minutes on sunday - when two chinese collectors battled over the bird - driving up the final price to 1.9 million dollars.

Racing pigeons is an old sport&going back hundreds of years&militaries also used the brisk birds to deliver messages during world wars one and two.

Nats up&..

It's not just new kim's speed that attracts buyers... they're also looking for a new nest egg.

"the pigeon, ne kim, is very special because she's very young so we can still breed - or the buyer can still breed - many years from the pigeon."

Meaning new kim could turn into a golden goose.

Ian lee cbs news london the previous record for a pigeon was armando who sold last year for 1.42 million dollars.

The sport of pigeon racing was decling in popularity - but auctions like this one are bringing serious prices for potential champions.

The famed christmas markets of germany look a little different this


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