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Monday, April 12, 2021

Kids Who Care: Kendall Stuckey

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Kids Who Care: Kendall Stuckey
Kids Who Care: Kendall Stuckey

The Churubusco Junior Senior High School freshman began selling cookies a month ago to raise money to support veterans apart of the local organization, Our Turn to Serve.

What began as a fitness journey turned into an opportunity to serve for one churubusco high school freshman.

Fox 55's mallory beard is live in the studio to tell us how this 15-year old continues to impact the lives of local veterans one toy at a time.

Thank you chris.

Kendall stuckley just wanted to get in shape for her high school volleyball season when her new friend on four legs showed up...her trainer's dog.

Since then, kendall has been inspired to raise money for men and women suffering from challenges after war, and could maybe use a furry companion to get them through the day.

Kendall stuckey//age 15 "i just really wanted to really wanted to help people and found a way to do i started selling cookies."

In just one month kendall stuckey has raised more than eight hundred dollars to support veterans with post traumatic stress all started with a love of fitness.kendall stuckey//age 15 "i used to go to mad apple in fort wayne but then they opened one in columbia city and that's where i met steve and lady."

Steve is steve thomas a 21-year navy and army veteran who coaches kendall in crossfit.

Steve thomas/navy & army veteran "it just went from there.

She's a good kid.

Strong athlete."

Lady is his service dog whom he got from our the local veteran organization our turn to serve she's also kendall's inspiration for her newest fundraiser making chew toys out of t-shirts.

That money goes toward helping veterans receive service dogs.

Steve says lady's been making a difference in his life since they first met in 2013.and he knows other veterans will benefit just like him.steve thomas/navy & army veteran "there's a lot of guys that have sacrificed a lot."

He says with so much going on in the world, he's proud of kendall setting a positive example for youth.

Steve thomas/navy & army veteran "i think it's really good to see kids nowadays do something like this.

It has a purpose."

3 kendall plans to host a golf outing this spring to continue fundraising for veterans.for more information on how you can sign up or donate, see this story at our website at w-f-f-t


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