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Monday, March 1, 2021

11pm Gyms Restricted 11192020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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11pm Gyms Restricted 11192020
11pm Gyms Restricted 11192020

Gyms were struggling to survive before new restrictions were announced this week that go into effect tomorrow.

And bars...gyms were struggling to survive before new restrictions were announced this week that go into effect tomorrow.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine tells you what gyms are doing to stay in business and the impact the restrictions will have on its members...physically and mentally.

###### "i don't have control over this, so i'm going to have to make it work."

Sarah friend says that was her initial reaction when she heard about the new gym restrictions governor andy beshear announced wednesday...which include reducing capacity to 33- percent...requiring masks at all times...and eliminating group workout classes.

Sarah friend: "i hope we can all come together and figure out something that works because it's not only important for us and our health and wellness, but it's important for these owners."

Friend says she values her gym...all three of theory...aspire fitness...and c-s-s wellness in lexington.

She says the motivation she gets from group excercise is unmatched...and as a mother of two young's a needed escape.

Sarah friend: "i'm a competitive person, so that competition within group fitness, and really instructors knowing what i was capable with and pushing me to that next level."

Brian leggett...owner of c-s-s wellness...says he hears this often.

Brain leggett: "everyday it seems like somebody is telling me how much they don't like working out at home, and i completely understand, i get it."

Leggett made the decision to stop group classes when the pandemic first hit in march...opting instead for virtual sessions on youtube.

Brian leggett: "home workouts are not ideal, but it at least gives people the opportunity to continue to go and have some kind of community feel."

Leggett says only 10 people are allowed in the appointment only.

He says he knows challenging days are ahead...especially requiring gym goers to keep their masks on...but he hopes for the best.

Brian leggett: "find a way, any way, to keep the community together.

Everything is so divided, but we just have to keep doing what we need to do in order to move forward.

Sarah friend: "we all need each other right now and we need to make this work."

In lexington...bobbi


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