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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Minor Street Domestic Dispute

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Minor Street Domestic Dispute
Minor Street Domestic Dispute
Minor Street Domestic Dispute

Require medical assistance.

Tonight -- a fort wayne man is in jail after a domestic dispute overnight.


Police say he locked himself in a home with several children for hours early thursday morning.

Fox 55's nico pennisi has more on how everything unfolded.

Stand up: "police arrived at 2506 miner street early this morning.

A man barricaded himself inside the home with 6 children, ranging from one to 14 years old."

Neighbor jason wilcox heard the yelling.

Jason wilcox: "i was just walking through from the laundry mat and there was, i believe, a domestic dispute or some type of dispute."when officers arrived the man was gone.

But police say they received another call a few hours later at 2:30 at the same home.

The woman told dispatchers the man broke into her home.

Jason wilcox: "i know in the back by the window there, it looks like a gunshot was made or something."

Police say 39-year-old antwan jones locked himself inside and told officers he nor the children were coming out.

Fort wayne police sgt sofia rosales-scatena say they called hostage negotiators to the home.sofia rosales- scatena: "our negotiators take their time when they do these kinds of things.

They're always trying to bring the emotions down, so rationale can go up.

People in these situations are really in an emotionally heightened state and they're not making the most rational decisions."at about 5 a.m.

Police say jones surrendered.

Sofia rosales- scatena: "he was speaking to the negotiator and the negotiator did convince him to release the children.

They came out kind of haphazardly but all of them did manage to come out."

Tag: the fort wayne police department is still investigating the incident.

On miner street, i'm


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