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Monday, March 8, 2021

wcbi news at 10 - 11/22/20

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wcbi news at 10 - 11/22/20
wcbi news at 10 - 11/22/20
wcbi news at 10 - 11/22/20

A starkville man is arrested for the death of a starkville woman.// 30-year-old james heath kitchens is charged with manslaughter.

éé around 8p.m.

Saturday night, the oktibbeha county sheriffs deputies responded to riviera road for a call of a motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian.éé investigator brett watson says brittany phillips was transported by ambulance to och regional medical center where she was later pronounced dead.

éé kitchens remains in the custody of the oktibbeha county jail.

éé right now, investigators aren't releasing any other details.

éé bond is set at 25 thousand dollars.

éé after a few light showers on sunday, we'll enjoy dry and cooler weather for monday and tuesday.

Storms will return to the forecast for wednesday, with more rain possible by next weekend.

As of now, thanksgiving day itself looks nice.

Sunday night: all of the rain will be out of the area by 8 pm, leaving us dry for the overnight hours.

Clouds will gradually clear and we'll be health officials health officials are reporting 779 new covid-19 cases in mississippi, with 19 new deaths.éé layfayette county is reporting the highest number of cases with 59 .éé winston county has 34.

éé lee county has 30.

éé and pontotoc is reporting 18 new cases.

éé there are more than 143 thousand cases throughout the state with 36 hundred deaths.

éé since u-s covid-19 cases crossed the 12 million mark saturday, johns hopkins university says at least 177 thousand more have been added.

éé the virus is spreading at a rapid pace around many parts of the nation, and there's concern ahead of this week's thanksgiving gatherings.

éé vaccines also appear to be on the way.

éé cbs news correspondent nancy chen has more from new york.

éé the nation's vaccine czar says two front- runners now in late-stage testing could bring the coronavirus pandemic under control by the spring.

''70 percent or so of the population being immunized would allow for true herd immunity to take place.

That is likely to happen somewhere in the month of may.'' vaccines from pfizer, which applied for emergncy use authorization friday, and moderna are raising hopes with tests showing they're about 95 percent effective... but success depends on people getting the shot.

''if you have a highly efficacious vaccine and only a relatively small 40-50% of the people get vaccinated, you're not going to get the herd immunity you need.'' as almost every state battles a new covid-19 estimated 50 million americans plan to travel for thanksgiving, defying the cdc's warning.

'you can't assume you don't have the virus and you can't assume people whose homes you're about to ender don't have the virus.'' deb berger flew from chicago to san francisco to visit her daughter for the holiday.

''we're going to be at her apartment, it's just the two of us.'' in northern and southern california, people were in the streets despite a 41-county overnight curfew that took effect saturday night.

''i think there's too many restrictions as is.'' ''an illegal curfew, a 10 o'clock curfew, we're not going to abide by that, it's ridiculous.'' while in texas, the national guard deployed to the el paso county morgue... as the area experiences a spike in hospitalizations and deaths.

Nancy chen/cbs news.

The coronavirus has killed about 1 point 3 million people around the world, a quarter million of them in the u-s.

éé area churches come together to feed dozens of families in the community.

éé during the season of giving,columbus churches held a thanksgiving dinner celebration.

éé this year, folks honored one of the event organizers, torrance joseph pre-ster who passed away unexpectedly this year.

éé pre-ster's mother, minister eve pre- ster ,says her son was known to push the community forward with events to help give back.

éé the family hopes lasting impact.

éé intro the pandemic and infected economy have many americans experiencing food insecurity for the first time.

éé and with thanksgiving ,the need is greater than ever.

éé here's cbs's tom hanson.éé pkg: the nationwide coronavirus spike is causing a áfood crisis.á hundreds of cars waited for packages of boxed food in denver.

And the greater boston food bank, which áeach weeká gives out two-and- a-half million pounds of food.

Carol tienken runs the operation: "people can't access food.

They don't have the funds to do it.

They're scared."

"happy thanksgiving!"

In tarrant county, texas& this massive operation supplied people with á70 pounds of foodá and a turkey.

Inside one of those cars on friday... was adrian williams: "it's difficult during this time and i have family members who it is also difficult for."

Ordinary americans... relying on generosity to make it through.

"it's a pleasure to have people who want to give to other people" // "it makes me feel great that there's still people that want to help."

"food and hunger were massive problems even before the pandemic."

Joel berg is the c- e-o of hunger áfreeá america& a non profit working to expand access to food.

"our hunger crisis is tied directly to health care crisis&" an insecurity, at levels not seen since the eye- opening 1968 cbs documentary - "hunger in america" "what do you tell your children when they come home and there is no food?"

"that we haven't got anything to eat..

And that we just have to lay down like that until the next day and see if we can find something to eat."

"how has the hunger crisis changed in the last 50 years?"

"this is the worst hunger crisis in modern american times.

The situation is absolutely paralis and unless the federal government does something big and quick, we're going to see starvation conditions like this country hasn't seen since the great depression.

Tag: joel told us 50 million americans and 18 million children can't count on regular meals& jamie, just days away from a thanksgiving unlike any other.

Tom hanson, cbs news, new york.

Residents in northeast noxubee county are now under a boil water notice.

éé the notices affects customers of parks utilities.

éé residents there should boil water for two minutes before using.

éé a representative says there was a break in one of the pipelines and they are currently working to get it repaired.

éé coming up on mom to mom, sometimes it can be difficult to calm your little ones down close to bedtime .

éé after the break, mandy shows us how to make sensory bottles that will help get them to sleep.

éé stay with us.

éé intro children interact with several gadgets and gizmos through out the day.

éé and sometimes it can be difficult to calm them down close to bedtime .

éé mandy has a cool spin to help get your little ones to sleep.éé take a look.

éé pkg today on mom to mom, we're going to make something to help calm your kid's senses at bedtime.

Our kids go through sensory overload throughout the day.

I mean, they're on their computers, their cell phones, an ipad, whatever it may be, watching tv.

They just experience a lot of it throughout the day.

And when it comes to bedtime, it's hard for them to unwind.

That's why this glowing sensory bottle is perfect for helping them calm down in the evening.

And it's super easy to make.

All you need is some baby oil, or you can have mineral oil, some glitter, and of course, i really like the oil candy coloring.

It's kind of like food coloring, but it's oil-based so it kind of just has a little bit thicker texture to it when we're going to make our bottles.

And then last but certainly not least, we have glow in the dark stars that we have.

First, you want to fill your bottle with baby oil, not all the way to the top because we still need to leave room for the stuff that we're going to put in there.

Next we're going to use our oil candy color.

You can put however much you want in there.

Then, i want to have a little fun and put some glitter in there just to make it super sparkly, but you again can do it however you like.

And then last, i like to put the mini stars in there.

They're the glow in the dark ones.

Once you're finished, you can top it off with more baby oil.

Then you want to make sure that you super glue the lid on.

That way your kids can not unscrew it and you've got a big mess in your bed.

If your kids are ever having a hard time falling asleep, just hand them this sensory bottle, have them count the glowing stars and watch them fall fast asleep.


If you ever have any great ideas that helps with your kids, we'd love to hear them.

And as always, moms, we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

Now that november is here, chilly mornings are becoming normal.éé but occasionally, you'll see a thin layer of frost on the grass and even your car.

éé meteorologist trevor birchett explains what frost is and why it happens.

éé on these cold fall mornings, frost is something we're used to seeing.

But how and why does it form?

Let's start off with a little meteorology lesson.

As you probably know, during the day, the sun heats up the surface and causes our temperature to rise through the day.

And at night, that heat rises from the surface, causing our temperatures to cool down overnight.

Now before we can talk about frost, we have to talk about dew.

Picture this, the temperature at the surface is 67 degrees with a dew point of 43.

The dew point is the temperature at which moisture or dew will form, so in order for dew to occur, the temperature has to drop to the dew point.

As i mentioned, the temperature drops overnight, but the dew point doesn't change.

So eventually, the temperature will drop to the dew point, and dew will form on the grass and other surfaces.

Frost basically occurs in the same way, but it happens when the temperature and dew point are both below freezing.

Again, at night, the temperature falls, and the moisture in the air freezes on grassy surfaces, trees, and even your car.

Frost doesn't usually cause issues on the roadways, since the pavement is usually warmer than grass.

So all in all, frost doesn't cause any major issues, but it is pretty to look at.

You may just want to cover up your sensitve plants if frost is in the forecast.

If you have questions about the weather, let me know!

You can send them in to us via email or on facebook and twitter.

With this week's weather whys, i'm meteorologist trevor birchett.

After a few light showers on sunday, we'll enjoy dry and cooler weather for monday and tuesday.

Storms will return to the forecast for wednesday, with more rain possible by next weekend.

As of now, thanksgiving day itself looks nice.

Sunday night: all of the rain will be out of the area by 8 pm, leaving us dry for the overnight hours.

Clouds will gradually clear and we'll be mostly clear by sunrise.

Temperatures will be cooler behind a cold front with morning lows in the upper 30s on monday.

Winds will remain out of the northwest at 5 to 10 mph.

Monday-tuesday: we'll be dry for the first part of the week as cooler air moves in.

We'll be mostly sunny for monday with highs in the low 60s, with a few more clouds moving in by tuesday.

Overnight lows will remain in the mid to upper 30s.

Wednesday: rain and storms will begin to move into the area early wednesday morning and will persist into the afternoon and evening.

A few storms could produce gusty winds and lightning, but no major severe weather is anticipated at this time.

Highs will be in the upper 60s to near 70.

Thursday: fortunately, it appears that thanksgiving day will be dry and partly cloudy.

Highs will be in the mid 60s with lows in the mid 40s.

Friday-sunday: yet another storm system will approach on friday, bringing some rain and perhaps a little thunder late friday evening.

It appears that chances for showers and storms will persist through much of the day saturday and perhaps even into early sunday.

The forecast will become a bit more clear as we get closer to the end of the week, but for now, plan for a rainy weekend.

Highs will be in the on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

It didn't matter if mississippi state didn't have more than 49 scholarship players, the bulldogs were playing 13th- ranked georgia while expectations for the 2-4 bulldogs were underwhelming heading into athens...state proving the statement...don't judge a book by it's cover sanford stadium playing host to a dog fight between state and georgie...m-s-u able to go toe-to-toe with the ranked- home team state was able to total 358 yards of offense and remained tied with georgia until the 4th quarter although state would lose 31-24, msu head coach mike leach calling it the best game his team has played all year leach: "i've had a lot of great teams. yeah we've beaten some teams. we've beaten some teams that we probably weren't supposed to beat.

With regard to matching the best of your ability up to whatever this adversity may be.

This team may have performed to that level higher than any other team i've coached.

From that standpoint i'm very proud of them."

Now missisisppi state will set the team's sights on an ole miss team that's already begun preparations for the 2020 egg bowl with the rebels match-up against texas a&m postponed due to positive coronavirus tests within the aggies football program, ole miss head coach lane kiffin moved his team on to preparations for m-s-u right now, mississippi state will enter into the egg bowl as the underdog...ole miss is a 10.5-point favorite to win this year's game kiffin gave some initial thoughts on the rivalry game...take a listen kiffin: "not the friendliest of rivalries is the best way of putting it.

So you know but they're all big games.

Especially when it's s-e-c so it'd be really good to get back on the winning track with this game.

A lot of times these things effect recruiting.

I don't think kids go because a team wins or loses but always as good.

Just awesome to win rivalry games for fans.

They got a whole year of talking about it."

North half finals are ready and raring to go...let's talk match-ups when we come back the stage has officially been set for north half finals across missisippi this is what the match-ups will look like for next week in 6a after oxford took down hernando...the chargers will officially head to clinton next week for the 6a north half final in 5a...west point survives to advance and will take on third seeded ridgeland on the road next week in 4a...we get a match-up of two wcbi viewing area teams as itawamba ahs will hit the road and take on the louisville wildcats...louisvill e taking down pontotoc on friday night in 3a...winona and noxubee county will face off for a fierce battle...winona coming off the huge win against amory and noxubee taking down north panola in 2a...the north half will feature another two of our area teams...calhoun city and east union...this one..definitely a potential game of the week contender 1a...nanih waiya will host biggersville...the two best teams in 1a all season facing off...the first meeting for these two teams all season highlights and scores next week on the endzone no sunday would be complete without some n-f-l action... ravens hosting the titans... -- 3rd quarter...13:26 qb lamar jackson short pass to wr dez bryant...bryant's first nfl catch since 2017 ravens up 14-10 -- 3rd, 9:42 2nd and 8, jackson connects with te mark andrews, 31 yard touchdown 21-10 ravens -- 4th, 2:28 qb ryan tannehill connects with wr aj brown for 14 yard touchdown...titans go for 2 and get it..

Titans take the 24- 21 lead -- 4th, 18 seconds to go late in the game kicker justin tucker makes the 29 yarder....makes it a tie ball game...overtime here we go..

-- overtime, 5:30 to go 1st and 10, titans rb derrick henry weaves his wy through the defense for the game winning 29 yard touchdown 30-24 titans get the win we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at


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