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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - November 23, 2020 (Part 4) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - November 23, 2020 (Part 4) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - November 23, 2020 (Part 4) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 4 of 4) The famous Christmas markets that proliferate in Germany will look a little different this year under the strain of the coronavirus.

And we look at some great early Black Friday deals on tech gadgets for this Christmas.

Germany's famous christmas markets draw millions of visitors every holiday season.

But this year they've been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

So how are people there getting into the spirit?

With a little creativity.

Rylee carlson is in london with the story.

It's looking a lot like christmas northeast of munich... the snow is fake - but it's part of an authentic german tradition... with a 20 twist.

A drive through christmas market.

Organizer patrick schmidt says, "i was a spontaneous idea because of the second lockdown."

With meat grilling and chesnuts roasting, people order all the usual treats from the comfort of their car.

This visitor says "you couldn't do i better during times like these."

Anton kolbinger says he heard carols for the first time - and is slowly getting in the mood.

Helping people find those festive feelings - is helping organisers too... schmidt says his biggest christmas wish is that the coronavirus is finally brought under control.

So revelers can once again enjoy the spirit of the season - without social distancing.

Rylee carlson cbs news london.

Around 160 million people usually visit germany's 25- hundred christmas markets every year.

Savvy shoppers know that black friday, the day after thanksgiving, is a great time to score major deals on big ticket electronics, gadgets and devices.

Cnet's kara tsuboi reports on some early sales and how to track the biggest savings.

Black friday might not technically be until november 27, but the deals have already begun at many major retailers.

There are too many products on sale to mention, but here are ways to stay on top of the discounts.

For starters, visit the retailer's website to get a handle on the promotions they're offering.

Take best buy, for example.

Black friday is not a one- day event; they have rolled out deals every single week in november.

Shop them now or preview their black friday ad to see what kinds of deals are coming later in the month.

Walmart has also already discounted some popular electronics.

When you browse their selection, sales will be marked with the label "holiday deal" let you know you're scoring a great price.

And even though we just shopped amazon prime day, the online retailer is bringing a lot of its gadgets prices down to prime day levels.

Swoop up excellent deals on the echo dot smart speaker, fire tablets and other gadgets made by amazon.

Shopping early and online is a great way to understand an item's price history so you know when to pull the trigger.

It's also the safest way to avoid crowds in the middle of a pandemic!

And finally, cnet is offering daily texts about black friday deals.

Visit to subscribe for free to the cheapskate reviewer's texts to stay in the know about what deals are coming when.

For more tech news and reviews, visit

I'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

Cnet for cbs news.

We'll be right back to wrap you may wonder when you see this - why are we showing you a story today about halloween.

But as steve hartman reports, it's really not about that at all.

A search for hope at the end of this very worrisome week - led me to this humble bundle.

Zoe - now 3 - is the proud product of tj and courtney thomas of atlanta, georgia.

Nat parent's interview - zoe pops into frame "steve: oh, loo who's here!



" back in february, zoe was diagnosed with leukemia.

And because her immune system is now compromised, she couldn't go trick-or treating last weekend with all the other kids.

In fact, her parents even had to put up a sign - to keep other kids away.

'sorry, no candy.

Child with cancer.'

Bite courtney "th whole purpose was just so that we wouldn't have to keep telling kids 'sorry ' and have disappointed kids.

Never expecting anything like this."

Never expected those little ghosts and ghouls - to be such saints.

Bite covered courtney "i jus immediately started crying."

There at the foot of the sign - trick or treaters left ÁtheirÁ halloween candy for the child inside.

Doorbell cam footage shows kid after kid -making the same character- defining decision - mostly, on their own.

Bite kids "steve: n grownups were there telling you what to do?

Kids: no."

We tracked down a few of the angels.

Bite kids "ki : she dumped out her whole bag.

Steve: your whole bag?!

Kid: i wanted to give back to them."

I wanted to give back to them.

Bite kid "it' somebody's little girl" the empathy we heard and saw&courtney says it was just the medicine her family needed.

Bite courtney "during this craz time with everything going on in the world - just the gesture of, 'hey, we're all in this together.'

And just to remind each other there's still hope and love."

Still hope and love - and much better role models - than the ones we obsess over.

Steve hartman, cbs news, on the road.

News, on the road.