My Acne's So Bad My Dermatologist Grimaced | SHAKE MY BEAUTY
My Acne's So Bad My Dermatologist Grimaced | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

UP until the age of 22, Kyrie Green, from Leicester, UK, had flawless skin.

In October last year, she started getting breakouts and in March this year, Kyrie started experiencing painful acne.

Kyrie, 23, told Truly: “It was literally ridiculous.

I'd never thought it would get to where it was.

It was just so painful.

I couldn't sleep on both sides of my face, I had to sleep on my back.” In August, Kyrie went to her doctors and was promptly referred to a dermatologist but was left feeling like her acne was the ‘worst in the world’.

Kyrie said: “She grimaced...And I was like, oh, okay, because I expect it from some people, but I didn't expect it from her.

And because she's a dermatologist I would have thought that she'd seen stuff like that before, and she'd know not to react.” COVID-19 lockdown restrictions came into force in the UK as Kyrie’s acne got worse and so she decided to document it on Instagram because she wanted to be authentic online.

She has amassed more than 10,000 followers and shares acne positive posts.

Kyrie feels comfortable to show her acne and wants to normalise it both online and off.

She said: “It's okay to feel unconfident because of acne, because you've been taught your whole life that acne is ugly.

But acne is not ugly.

Acne is normal.

Acne is beautiful.” With this positive attitude, Kyrie is ready to show her bare face to her friend Emma for the first time - what will she think?