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Monday, March 8, 2021

Biden cabinet picks 11.24.20

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Biden cabinet picks 11.24.20
Biden cabinet picks 11.24.20

President-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris introduced their cabinet picks while current President Donald Trump refuses to concede.

Election... president elect joe biden introducing his first round of cabinet picks during a news conference this afternoon in delaware.

This as president trump is both signing off on the transition of power --- while claiming more lawsuits disputing the results are on the way.

Faith abubey is in washington with the latest.

L3: election 2020 white transiton begins but trump still challenging results l3: election 2020 white faith abubey abc news a reunion of sorts.

As career policy officials and obama administration alumni flank president elect joe biden and vp elect kamala harris in delaware this is biden's foreign policy and national security team -- a group that'll be instrumental in shaping american policy -- and lives for the next four years sot it's a team that will keep our country and people safe and secure, and it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back among them nominees set to make history avril haines -- as the first female director of national intelligence sot you know that i have never shied away from speaking truth to power, alejandro mayorkas--the first latino and first immigrant to serve as dhs secretary sot please know that i will day and night in the service of this nation tony blinkin will be secretary of state.

Retired foreig service diplomat linda thomas greenfield the un ambassador.

And former secretary of state under the obama administration-- john kerry as climate czar sot to end this crisis the whole world must come together and now with the green light from the general services administration -- biden could receive his first presidential daily briefing in the coming days the unusually long journey to get here -- marked by pesident trump's refusal to concede an election he lost amidst unsubstatiated claims of voter fraud.

Rush limbaugh: they promised blockbuster stuff and then nothing happened in surprise 64 second briefing at the white house today-- the pesident addressing neither the electon nor the surging coronavirus pandemic instead - saying this sot: the stock market's just broken 30 thousand.

Never been broken, that number.

That's a sacred number, 30 thousand -- and then walking away without taking questions faith abubey tag: sources tell abc news, trump may never concede the election but the biden team says that has no bearing on their administration moving forward.

Meantime- pennsylvania today joining georgia and other swing states in certifying their results.

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