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Sunday, April 11, 2021

6pm Virtual Career Fair 11252020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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6pm Virtual Career Fair 11252020
6pm Virtual Career Fair 11252020

There is a career fair designed for your students and they won't have to leave home to go.

ABC 36's Chelsea Smith explains.

Fair jobs-graphic.jpg parents listen up... there's a career fair designed for your students and they won't have to leave home to go.

Abc 36 chelsea smith explains.

Ashlee: "it was really interesting to see what they found most interesting and a lot of times it was very different than what they thought they wanted to be when they grow up."

Ashlee vanhoose... an eighth grade teacher at edythe j.

Hayes middle school in lexington... took her students on a virtual field trip where they were able to visit the junior achievement's virtual career fair... to help prepare them for their futures ashlee: "we see a lot of times that middle schoolers they want to be professional athletes and it was kind of neat for them to see other careers here in kentucky in high demand and employers that are here in our state."

Students virtually explore different career fields through booths... webinars... and more... ashlee: "i also liked how junior achievement didn't just stick to one track path, you know, only college is your only option, it talked about trade school, military, and other options for students that are available that they might not be aware of."

One student says this career fair helped her find exactly what she wants to do in the future... meredith: "before, i thought i wanted to be a physical therapist or even a teacher and after i do still think i would want to be one, because there was some health care videos that i got to watch about how i can help people with certain diseases by being a physical therapist."

The career fair is still availble through february 19th.

Meredith: "any other students that haven't done this already, definitely should, because there's just so much useful information for kids our age."

For more information on how your student can on the story at chelsea smith, abc 36 news.

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