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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Trump announces 'a Full Pardon' for Michael Flynn in tweet

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Trump announces 'a Full Pardon' for Michael Flynn in tweet
Trump announces 'a Full Pardon' for Michael Flynn in tweet

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he has "granted a Full Pardon" to his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, wrapping up the retired general's long legal drama over his communications with a top Russian diplomat that Trump's Justice Department sought to end.

President trump making yet another pardon - with just two months left to his presidency.

The president tweeting michael flynn - his first national security adviser - has been granted a full pardon.

His campaign - however - continues to dispute the 20-20 election results.

Meanwhile - president- elect joe biden spent part of the day - giving a thanksgiving address.

Ray bogan has the latest.

Biden says: "we're all in this together."

On the eve of thanksgiving day, president-elect joe biden worked to unite americans saying it's time to come together and move beyond the divisive 20-20 election.

Biden says: "i know the country has grown weary of the fight.

But we need to remember we're at war with the virus.

Not with one another."

Biden used his speech to further put on the mantle of the presidency.

The transition process is now fully underway, with the g-s-a recognizing biden as the apparent winner and only 55 days remain until inauguration day.biden says: "starting on day one of my presidency, we will take steps that will change the course of this disease."

Meantime, the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani attended a hearing in gettysburg, pennsylvania where he presented what he says is evidence of voter fraud.

Giuliani says: "if we allow elections in the future to be conducted the way this election was conducted, we will have lost our democracy."

The president called in on speakerphone.

Trump says: "it's a disgrace that this is happening to our country, we won this election by a a lot.

We got 74 million votes."

The trump campaign had some success in court.

A pennsylvania state judge ordered the certification of results, halted, until an evidentiary hearing friday.

However, the states results were certified tuesday.

Pennsylvania's attorney general says the order does not impact appointing electors and filed an appeal with the state supreme court.

And the president just issued a full pardon to his former national security adviser michael flynn who pled guilty to lying to the fbi but his case was never resolved.



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