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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Safe Online Shopping

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Safe Online Shopping
Safe Online Shopping

We should set new online shopping records this holiday season.

Beward of scams. We talk to a woman who was duped by a Faceook ad for a toy dinosaur.

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Now they can ride americans of shattered records for all large shopping the pandemic began submittals predict all large sales could $10 billion a day and regionally hundred $90 billion over the wall holidays these as well as daniel moss goes over some tips to keep you safe you shop online ... tennessee great-grandmother debbie jackson said she learned how easy it is to be damned on social media sites like face book jackson saw an ad for a 3 foot tall toy dinosaur she ordered it for her great- grandson and pay $200 but when it arrived it was a stuffed animal ... my left the federal trade commission says cyber crime involving social media has more than tripled in the last year if you plan on shopping online thi year ... is very important to remember three important online shopping safety tip look for the safety lock on the web address line research the website and use secure payment options like apple pay google pay and paypal ... your credit card and created will once ... so degrees of separation between bank account and in his latest enforcement report facebook said that his deleted one point 1.3 1.3 million fake account but that's not the mall we had some good advice for anyone who is doing online shopping they may have found the best deal sounds ... so say something ... value prop ...


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