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Saturday, April 17, 2021

A visit to Downtown Chico on Small Business Saturday

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A visit to Downtown Chico on Small Business Saturday
A visit to Downtown Chico on Small Business Saturday

Action News Now reporter Amy Lanski visited Downtown Chico to see how holiday shopping was going on Small Business Saturday.

Today was small business saturday.... and the downtown chico business association went out of its way to encourage peopel to keep it local for the holidays.

As action news now reporter amy lanski shows us... they till us it's more important than ever, with businesses taking a big hit from covid-19 amy standup: "here in downtown chico it has been busy all day, and i spoke to one woman who was shopping in this store reight behind me and she explained why she feels it's important to shop local."

Patty bourne- from chico "my parents owned a small business when i was growing up.

I know how important it is you work every day of the year.

I feel so badly for all the businesses and the people who worked here we just have to continue to support them or they won't be here.

" patty bourne is from chico and explained she had a busy day shopping.

Patty: "i got here at about 10:30 and i have been to maybe four stores and i think maybe i bought something at every store, so i feel good about it."

Bourne says she understands it's easier to go to the bigger stores or shop online, but encourages people to try and shop local.

"i completely get it, my husband isn't out shopping because he is compormised, but he is going to have our daughter shop for him."

The director of communications for the downtown business association katie valenzuela says between covid-19, the fires, and college not being in session it has been hard for businesses.

"so it is really important this year to shop small and keep our money local.

So it has been great it has been great."

Amy: "it wasn't just local shopping that saw an increase in people.

I spoke to a barista from that coffee shop behind me and they said they had more customers."

Scout parker: "we had a lot of customers today it as quite a rush and we are thankful to see the community come together to support local businesses."

Scout parker says that everyone was wearing masks and respoecting the rules and guidelines.

"people have been very respectful and we are very thankful to haev that community again to an extent and what we consider safe."

Amy: "i spoke to workers in some of the stores in downtown chico and most were too busy to give an interview on camera, but added that having the market open on saturdays is also helpful for business."

Reporting from chico, amy lanski, action news now coverage you can count on."

Dcba is also offering something new this year... you can shop downtown chico merchants on line.... we have a link at action news now dot com slash links.##


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