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Monday, March 1, 2021

chiefs take down brady and bucs

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chiefs take down brady and bucs
chiefs take down brady and bucs
chiefs take down brady and bucs

<<the kansas city chiefs on the road sunday taking on tom brady and the tampa bay buccaneers for their 10th win of the season and patrick mahomes trying to even up his win loss record against brady start with the first touchdown of the game..

The chiefs settled for a field goal on their first drive the ball mahomes get the snap and finds tyreek hill down the field..

Touchdown kansas city quarter..

Chiefs back with the ball..

Its mahomes to guess who the cheetah..

He catches it inside the redzone cuts back and does a back flip over the goaline for a touchdown quarter bucs needing an answer..

Brady hits running back ronald jones he hurdles over dan sorenson and walks in for the touchdown third quarter ball mahomes hill touchdown chiefs three touchdowns for the fourth the chiefs are up 17..

But here comes tom brady he finds mike evans down the sideline who beats the chiefs secondary on fourth and three back..

Here they are with the ball inside the goaline with 4:10 left in the game..

Its brady to evans the game is within three..but mahomes and the chiefs played the clock well under two minutes the chiefs need to covvert on third and seven and they do by throwing it to hill which would seal the game chiefs wina tight one on the road winning 27-24 and are 10-1 on the year and mahomes is now 2-2 against brady are the chiefs after the win sot andy reid/chiefs head coach: "i was proud of our guys for stepping up in particular after an emotional game like in the raiders game you gotta be able to do those things and i thought that was as step forward by our guys.

I mean i can go through and critique it but obviously there was some things we can get better at but it was a heck of a performance i thought by our guys."

Sot tyreek hill/chiefs receiver: "each and every week i try set the mindset of working hard for this team and you know giving my all because that's just the way my mom raised me you know so.

It doesn't matter if i'm hurt gimpy, limpy.

It doesn't matter i'm going to go out and try and get the trust of the qb you know so.

It may be a few plays i feel sorry for myself, but best believe i am going to come right back the next play and give pat 110% and he knows that you know so, i'm going to continue to do that, and i'm going to continue to push the other guys to do it because you know they do it too.

You know it's not only me it's mecole, it's sammy, it's d-rob, it's kelce those guys are also working hard in practice too."

Sot patick mahomes/chiefs quarterback: "this week especially at the beginning of the game they kind of came up and played tighter and played up close and we were able to hit some shots down field.

And that's just the maturity of this offense as a whole of knowing how to run their routes based on the coverages that they're getting and then i try to get them the ball and let them make plays."its nice to see the chiefs taking care business on the road..

And for their next game..

The chiefs are back home and are playing within the division hosting the denver broncos who might just be happy to have a quarterback be under center that's a look at sports we'll be right back..


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