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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 2, 2020 (Part 4)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 2, 2020 (Part 4)
Midmorning With Aundrea - December 2, 2020 (Part 4)

(Part 4 of 4) A pachyderm known as "The Loneliest Elephant" after his partner died is being relocated to an animal sanctuary with a little help from Cher.

A a pakistani pachyderm known as the "world' loneliest elephant" has new home this morning - thanks in part to superstar cher.

Tina kraus is in london with more on the long- awaited journey.

:51-:56 malik amin aslam/advisor to pakistani prime minister this 9-thousand pound elephant named kaavan spent decades chained in a pakistani zoo -- only set free to entertain crowds on a small barren stage in dire conditions.

Nats up...cher but when superstar cher stepped into the picture..

Kaavan's future started to look a lot brighter.

Nats up...cher singing if you keep on believing...the dream that you wish will come true.

Cher's starpower helped kick off a mammoth mission to save the elephant dubbed "the world' loneliest" afte his mate saheli died eight years ago.

Zookeepers say he became angry, despondent - and obese.

Nats up.... years of campaigning by cher and animal rights groups led to kaavan finding a new home in an animal sanctuary in cambodia.

Although we are very sad to see him go, we think it is the right decision to let him go at this stage.

Like many travelers he had to take a covid-19 test before boarding a russian jumbo jet where he enjoyed in-flight snacks..440 pounds of them.

Cher was waiting in cambodia to welcome kaavan.

Nats...1004 'it's amazing..'

Before he was transported to the animal sanctuary, monks offered him banas -- chanting prayers and sprinkling holy water on his crate to bless him.

The world's loneliest elephant is now perhaps one of the most loved.

Tina kraus, cbs news, london.

Veterinarians say they plan to breed the 36 year old elephant with others at his new home.

Oscar- winner matthew mcconaughey can now add "new yor times bestselling author" to hi resume.

His new book "greenlights" is revealing look at the 51- year- old's life, pieced together in part from decades of his diary entries.

He says it's not a traditional memoir, and it's not an advice book.

He calls it "a lov letter to life."

1: matthew mcconaughey - author, greenlights // academy award winning actor matthew mcconaughey: 00:01:48 the whole book's really, you could say it's about relationships.

My relationship with my family, my relationship with my-- my career.

My relationship with myself, my relationship as a father, my relationship with my dreams. 00:59:27 gayle king: "&this i what-- this happened to me the other day.

I was in the car, and when the lights are synchronized and you hit every single green light, that is such a great feeling.

And it made me think of you&" matthew mcconaughey: green lights are the things in our life that say yes.

They affirm our way.

They approve us.

They give us a pat on the back, a hug, an atta boy, there you go, girl-- gayle king: 00:59:59 yeah, good job-- matthew mcconaughey: 01:00:00 -- pass go, here's $200, yay.

1992 // walk into bar // fade in movie audio under iso shot of mm in previous shot for nearly three decades -- ÁgreenlightsÁ have helped matthew mcconaughey pilot his career& from it's modest beginning& 86th oscars, 2014 "&matthe mcconaughey!"

To a level of fame and success reached by very few& 00:59:27 gayle king: 00:15:49 at one point you were thinking about being a lawyer.

// you were not thinking about acting.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:16:21 i was in a blue collar family where you get a job, you work your way up a company ladder.

Gayle king: 00:17:31 what was that call like when you had to tell your dad, "you know, i think want to go to film school?"

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:18:34 he paused, quiet.

I'm sittin' there, bead of sweat now goin' down the back of my neck.

I'm ready for the explosion, and he goes, "ar you sure that's what you wanna do, son?"

I said, "y sir."

// and then h goes, "well, don' half-ass it."

1992 "&workin for th city.

Workin man, huh?!

The support from dad served as rocket-fuel for mcconaughey, who worked his way onto the set of a small 1993 movie: Ádazed and confusedÁ.

His first film role& 00:20:03 gayle king: it never gets old to me.

I don't know if it gets old to you.

But you say those three words, and you're not thinking they're gonna be iconic at all& 1992 "&alright, alright alright&" matthew mcconaughey: 00:22:14 actually, that line, it's offscreen.

It's, you hear those words -- gayle king: 00:22:22 i know, yeah.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:22:24 --while i'm drivin' the car.

So-- gayle king: 00:22:25 exactly.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:22:26 in the middle of the movie.

// and people go, like, you asked, "are you tired o it?"

I'm, like, "no and that's why.

That's the first three words i said in a s-- in my first night on a little summer job that for all i knew, that was gonna be it.

00:23:47 gayle king: i look at dazed and confused, and i think it had to be one of the best parts of your life, but also, as you write about in the book, you lost your dad, you know, five days into shooting&" matthew mcconaughey 00:25:27 the fact that my dad got to be alive for me to start what became a career and wasn't a one-off hobby or fad //, is a little bit of grace that i-- that i-- feel now&" 00:05:13 gayle king: i marvel too at your candidness about, you know, you said, you did say it's about relationships.

// your parents had a very, how shall we say, volatile relationship.

Matthew mcconaughey: my mom and dad, you know, divorced twice, married three times.

// their marriage was like a hurricane in the pacific ocean matthew mcconaughey: 00:06:23 my dad would go, "he boys."

He'd tell m and my two brothers, // when i go, i'm gonna be makin' love to your mother."

And he said it.

He would always slough it off kinda like .

And damn if he didn't do it.

Gayle king: 00:06:47 yeah, he did it, yeah.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:06:49 relatively that's the greatest way you could go.

Makin' love to the person that you love the most.

Red carpet sag awards 2015 los angeles unlike his parents -- mcconaughey's ÁownÁ marriage to camila alves in 2012 brought some stability.

He recalls a pivotal moment, early in their relationship -- while on vacation& matthew mcconaughey:00:37: 27 i'm really feeling, you know, those-- i felt like i was in eighth grade again, you know, that-- that-- gayle king: 00:37:50 yeah, what a great feeling.

Yeah-- matthew mcconaughey: 00:37:52 man, and nervous, but beautiful nervous, and-- and-- and i-- and i worked up the courage just to ask her, i said, "what would i hav to do to lose you?"

And she had a drink in her hand, it was a glass, and when i asked her, the drink was, like, halfway to her-- to her mouth.

// nice sip.

Not a rushed sip.

Not a dry sip.

Good sip.

// she goes, "oh, that' easy."

And i'm ove here to the left, and then she turned and she looked at me right in the eye, and she goes, "change.

Gayle king: 00:38:49 change.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:38:52 i'm gonna clap for her right now.

2003 kate hudson: you calling my bluff?

Mm: you bet i am&" gayle king: 00:26:13 at one point, you become, you know, he's the rom-com guy.

// you decided, "i'm sick of doin' rom-com.

I'm sick of doin' it.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:26:54 at this point in my life-- the rom-com, i'm the go-to rom-com guy.

2008 "&i love you.

I'v learned a lot from my mistakes&" matthew mcconaughey: and making great bank, i like doin' 'em.

They're easy, the audiences love it& matthew mcconaughey: 00:27:16 but couple things are goin' on in my life at the time.

I'm fallin' in love with camila, and we have a newborn, levi.

// 00:28:08 and // the work that i wanted to do were certain dramas.

And those were not being offered to me.

00:28:24 i shed many a tear on camila's shoulder goin', "what am i doin'?

/ i'm gonna tell hollywood, "n thank you," t what i'm so thankful for.

Gayle king: 00:28:48 and hollywood seems like an outta sight, outta mind kinda town.

Matthew mcconaughey: would call my agent and go, "anything?"

Goes, "buddy hadn't even heard your name in a month."

Gayle king: 00:29:12 oh god, ouch-- matthew mcconaughey: 00:29:52 soon as i go , i'm-- i'm gonna look into becomin' an orchestral conductor, or i'm gonna start playin' music, or i'm gonna become a teacher or f-- soon as i fully committed, i'm, like, i'll leave it, done.

"hey, matthew, yo there?"


" it's hollywood calling.

It's been 20 months.

Where you been?

We forgot you even existed."

Scene opposite leo dicaprio "&number one rul of wall street..."

00:30:14 "we thin you're a new great idea for lincoln lawyer, for killer joe, for paperboy, for-- for magic mike, true detective, for bernie, for dallas buyers club.

So here they came.

And-- gayle king: 00:30:32 ding, ding, ding.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:30:33 ding.

And i just ferociously latched onto 'em and said, "this i what i've been talkin' about.

Let's go."

Gayle king: 00:56:38 but-- but your first job was as a hand model.

If it had gone differently-- let me see your hands.

Your first job was as a hand model.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:56:46 yeah, not bad, huh?

Gayle king: 00:56:49 not bad, not bad.

If you had played your cards right you coulda been a hand model.

Matthew mcconaughey: 00:56:55 i haven't chewed my nails since, because that-- that-- that talent agent said, "you know, you go great hands.

If you quit chewin' your nails i might be able to make you a little money on those."

Gayle king: 01:02:51 and you're funny too.

Matthew mcconaughey, you're funny.

Matthew mcconaughey: 01:03:00 --funny's never outta style.

Gayle king: 01:03:01 oh no.

Thank you, matthew-- matthew mcconaughey: 01:03:07 i enjoyed that, thank you.

Gayle king: 01:03:09 you better press "leaving meeting, 'cause i'll keep talking.

Matthew mcconaughey: 01:03:12 i'm doin' it.

I'm out, i'm out we'll be right back to wrap things up.

Back to wrap things th that and more on the

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