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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/4/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/4/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/4/2020
WCBI NEWS AT SIX - 12/4/2020

Three more people are facing charges in a lowndes county shooting that left a man with serious injuries.

A total of five people have not been arrested in the case.

Investigators arrested 34-year old mark gann junior thursday in the parking lot of a store on military road.

Last week, they arrested two men and charged them both with conspiracy to commit murder: 36- year-old john david reeves and 38-year-old stephen cody james.

The three also face various other charges including conspiracy to commit burglary, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of methamphetamine.

The shooting happened on november 19th at a house on old west point road.

A 26- year-old man was airlifted from the scene.

Witnesses told investigators there was an argument inside the house before the gunfire.

Two other people, 37-year-old kevin parker and 34-year- old steven carley, were arrested just days after the incident.

The investigation into the shooting continues.

Off top some houston residents will need to boil their water for the next few days.

The houston palestine water association issued a boil water notice earlier today.

The alert is for those who live on dogwood road, ramey road, and gilmore chapel road.

Make sure you boil your water for at least 1 minute before using it.

For more information, you can contact the number on your screen.

A string of car burglaries over mississippi sets another record for new covid-19 cases in one day... the state department of health is reporting is reporting two thousand 480 new cases today, along with 37 new deaths.

One thousand 160 people are in mississippi hospitals with confirmed or suspected cornavirus symptoms. 277 of those patients are in i.c.u.

In our area, lee county has the most new cases with 101.

Itawamaba, lowndes, and monroe counties are all reporting 40 new cases.

Lafayette has 33.

Oktibbeha and union both have 28.

School districts in north mississippi are gearing up for the christmas break.

With a recent surge in covid-19 cases, 'how' students will continue learning in the spring semester is a growing concern.

There's the possibility that dozens of students and faculty members could be exposed to coronavirus during the holiday's.

Our stephanie poole speaks with administrators on what they believe will best serve students.

Schools are preparing for christmas break.

Superintendent jeff clay with aberdeen school district says there's the potential for another surge in covid-19 cases.

"we made the decision after thanksgiving we were going to go full virtual.

We've seen a rise in the number of students and staff that we've had to quarantine."

Stand-up: students are currently on an all virtual schedule.

Clay says students will continue this model the first week in january.

" the 5th through the 8th we will be full virtual and we will monitor the numbers during that week and if we see the numbers rising then we can make a decision based on the numbers and data that we have.

If there's a need for us to go virtual extended past january 8th, we'll do that."

In west point, principal richard bryant of fifth street school says having a lower number of students on campus lowers the chance of exposure.

" we have about a third of our students who are actually in class each day so we're able to maintain social distancing."

Bryant says parents will have the option to continue virtual or hybrid learning.

" we will have part of students coming tuesdays and thursday's.

The other half comes on wednesday's and friday's, with monday being a virtual day for everyone."

Between the different models, administrators are focused on the quality of education and student achievement.

" we're trying to engage our kids right now through the means that we have.

All of our students have devices and we have zoom accounts that they can have virtual class."

Butt sots " the best thing for students is to be in school with a good teacher.

All school districts and all teachers are working really hard to make sure students get what they need to get."

Reporting in monroe county ,stephanie poole, wcbi news.

Both school districts will continue to release updated information.

First look stinger aside from an isolated shower or two on sunday, the next several days will be rain- free.

We'll see plenty of sun with temperatures staying cool.

Friday night: clouds will a string of car burglaries over the past week spanning three different counties in northern mississippi has prompted a joint investigation by five different law enforcement agencies.

Wcbi news reporter stephen pimpo talked with investigators today and has the story.

Joint investigation targets string of car burglaries.

Sheriff david gore, webster county sheriff's departmen "open the door, grab it and go that's all it's taken for thieves to pull off a rash of car burglaries across webster, choctaw and oktibbiha counties.

"guns were stolen, credit cards, different items of value were stolen."

Webster county sheriff david gore says the first incident happened last friday night in a neighborhood on bland road.

Gore says three others followed including two in the city of mathiston.

The oktibbeha county sheriff's department says they have had between 7 and 8 vehicle burglaries.

Ackerman police reported similar robberies on monday and thursday.

"i can't say with 100 percent certainty that all are connected but we do know enough of them that are."

Those connections prompted the join investigation between the sheriff's departments of webster, oktibbeha and choctaw counties as well as ackerman and in webster county...stephen pimpo wcbi news.

The webster county sheriff's department says they plan to release more information next week.

The columbus warming station will not open this year - even if the temperature dips into the frigid range.

That's because the space available - at the hitching lot farmer's market isn't large enough to allow for social distancing.

The city made the choice to remain closed so that volunteers could remain safe - and clients as well.

The city of columbus community outreach agency tries to provide temporary housing for families who are homeless.

But the budget is strained because of the pandemic.

And, the need this year appears even greater.

Director glenda richardson says people can help by opening their homes to a family member in need.

Donations are also welcome.

I know it may not be an ideal spot to have people in your homes, but if you have an extra place that they can stay in, we would greatly appreciate it.

For the ones we can't get to do that, we're asking our community to donate at least $45.

That's how much it cost us to put a person in a room a night.

We have been just--it's been overwhelming people coming asking for help.

Richardson says her office is also working with other organizations like the homeless coalition, helping hands, and united way.

Video in monitor then full for a lot of people, an artificial christmas tree just won't do.

Tree farms and greenhouses have been busy helping families find the perfect live tree.

And they're also giving them tips to properly care for them to avoid fires.

Workers at walton's greenhouse in columbus say live trees require some special attention.

And they say it's important to use caution with lights and other ornaments prevent fires.

"keep it away from a heating element whether it be a fire place, a heater, or a wall unit.

Don't put a plug into it and then make sure you use good lights.

The cording in it if it's frayed or tore or broken can cause it to spark; and then you keep your tree hydrated with water in the christmas tree base.

If you do that it should be fine."

Tuggle also advises setting your live tree up on a rubber rug so it wont' flip.

Stinger a west point florist decorates the governors mansion for christmas.

We'll take you inside the governors mansion for an exclusive sneak peak of christmas at the mansion.

That's coming up on wcbi news.

It is looking a lot like christmas at the mississippi governor's mansion.

Back in july, first lady elee reeves launched a contest to honor essential workers through this year's christmas decorations.

A well known west point florist won the competition to decorate the historic residence.

Wcbi's allie martin got an exclusive sneak peek.

Scott reed and his team from petal pushers have been busy decorating the governor's mansion for christmas.

The decorations this year have a theme, and they honor true heroes, the frontline workers and healthcare workers in the pandemic.

Nats scott reed and an army of volunteers, dubbed the "elves" go to work the friday after thanksgiving, transforming each room of the governor's mansion into an unforgettable christmas experience.

"there are sixteen trees on property, there are about twelve mantles decorated, there are about thirty wreaths we hung, it's quite a job, quite an undertaking."

Mississippi first lady elee reeves picked the theme for this year's christmas at the mansion , "honoring those on the frontlines" "i hope they know that we are honoring them this year with these beautiful decorations, in hopes that people will tell them, 'thank you' one thing we've done this year, which is exceptional, is we had a gingerbread village, it has a school, fire department, police department, grocery store, and a hospital, honoring all on the frontlines."

Artists throughout the state were asked to create an ornament paying tribute to frontline workers.

Those ornaments and artwork are displayed on garland that hangs from the banister of the grand stairway.

Red is the primary color of decorations in the rose parlor, state dining room and gold parlor on the first floor.

Decorations in the second floor bedrooms correspond with the decor of each room, such as gold, cream, or green.

The first lady has a favorite room because of a fun project with one of her daughter's girl scout troops.

"my third grade daughter, maddie, her girl scout troop came, back due to covid 19 restrictions, tours are limited to only 10 people at a time.

Other cdc guidelines are also enforced.

But, if you do want to get a ticket, you can go to event

The name of the event is the "holiday open house at the mississippi governor's mansion" stinger aside from an isolated shower or two on sunday, the next several days will be rain- free.

We'll see plenty of sun with temperatures staying aside from an isolated shower or two on sunday, the next several days will be rain- free.

We'll see plenty of sun with temperatures staying cool.

Friday night: clouds will continue to exit, leaving us mostly clear by sunrise.

Temperatures will fall to near 32 with a light west- northwesterly wind.

Saturday: the weekend will start off on a cool note with highs in the mid to upper 50s on saturday.

Skies will remain mostly sunny with a light northwesterly wind.

Sunday: clouds will build back into the area on sunday, but we could still see some peeks of sunshine.

A shower or two is possible south of highway 82, but most of us won't have to deal with any rain.

Morning lows will be in the mid 30s with afternoon highs in the mid 50s.

Monday-friday: temperatures will remain cool for the upcoming workweek with highs in the 50s and 60s.

Overnight lows will remain in the 30s, with a few areas reaching the upper 20s on tuesday morning.

Aside from a few passing clouds, skies will remain mostly sunny until friday, when a few showers are possible.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Aside from an isolated shower or two on sunday, the next several days will be rain- free.

We'll see plenty of sun with temperatures staying cool.

Friday night: clouds will continue to exit, stinger state championship weekend hasn't in sports a live report from jackson.

Spx open as multiyear in jackson mississippi is been a crazy day already get things rolling this morning at 11 am mcgee in on speak county makes you want to the stolen cost me ahead this way and enzo comic came and showed up today ... mickey rush for hundred and 16 yards ... they had their way during this thing out there way on the outside mcgee came up with the red as we had a couple of passes the sounds ..."we've deda lot of stuff to this program and this season, um at the end of the day we had success.

We just came up short today."

"they sacrificed a lot for this season, dealing with the virus and all.

I'm still proud of them.

Just came up a little short but still had a good season.

" back to back seasons to tough way to finish the season they will be hungry next year we will see a bill bring that golfball which is fish of the 1aj bishop and i gave was really good baker's bill is 14 zero ... only two first downs later on in the second biggest will have things going ... the big play drop in a touchdown on the outside of


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