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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Lee Greenwood live on WAAY 31!

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Lee Greenwood live on WAAY 31!
Lee Greenwood live on WAAY 31!

Greenwood is being honored for his contribution to the music industry with an all-star salute celebration in Huntsville

All new at midday!

Huntsville's von braun center is tapped to host an all star lee greenwood tribute!

Not only is october 12th my co-anchor's birthday here-- it's also the night some of country music's biggest stars will join in for the "40 years of hits" celebration.

Joining us via zoom right now-- is the legend himself-- mr. lee greenwood.

Sir, thank you so much for joining us.

Wait for response for nearly four decades now, your music and voice have left imprints on our hearts.

Did you ever think you're music career would span the years like this?

You just announced the big 40 year celebration for october 12th in huntsville-- why huntsville?

Let's talk about some of the big names set to perform with you god bless the u.s.a, arguably one of your most well- known hits, what does that song mean to you?

Do you have a favorite moment that stands out over the years when you can look back and say-- i made it.

At this point, i knew i made it?

Award-winning artist lee greenwood, thank you so much for your time this morning.

It's been a pleasure talking with you and we look forward to seeing you in october!

Wait for response tickets go on sale later this

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