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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Students Making Shirts to Support Small Business

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Students Making Shirts to Support Small Business
Students Making Shirts to Support Small Business

WAAY-31's Alexis Scott discusses how students are supporting small businesses by making shirts.

Some madison city schools students found a way to help small businesses - all while learning a lesson themselves!

Take a look at these.

Students enrolled in the district's new business class "madison c-e-o" designed the shirts to bring some-much needed postivity to the community!

Now - they're on sale to help small businesses hurt by the pandemic!

Waay-31s alexis scott spoke with a few of those students to learn more about why they decided on this for their project.

For every single shirt the group sells, a portion of those sales will go to help a small business in madison county with funds for however they see fit.

The group of 14 students from across the city of madison is using these shirts to spread something we could all use a little more of - positivity.

Belle buehrle, madcity apparel creator "i did a quick google search one day for covid tshirts that had like covid messages on it and there were no positive messages on tshirts, so we decided to take a new approach," in the district's new madison c- e-o class... students come up with a business model to create something that can impact the community.

Students told me they didn't expect t-shirts to be the way they did that - but they're learning a lot as they go.

Bryson hewell,madcity apparel creator "a lot of us just saw an email that said that said the area is doing a business class and we were like okay let's try it out," but with jonah roberts, madcity apparel creator "it's been a interesting ride for sure.

We've had a lot of frustrations because we really didn't know what we were doing and it makes it hard when you're not in person," their venture is called madcity apparel.

Students meet on zoom every week and work on social media to sell the shirts.

And with every sale they make..

Nat sound of the shirts being pressed they'll send some of the proceeds to the alabama small business development center... so they can help a small business in need.

Students told me the experience has been rewarding.

And they now want to pass along their message on why supporting small businesss is so important... including their own rebecca meyer, madcity apparel creator "it's unlike a lot of other businesses because we all are working together to learn how to adapt because it is us working together to help each other out.

It's not a dog- eat-dog world like it commonly is in business, it's about a community," they'll continue selling the shirts until the end of january.

And come next semester... all 14 students will create indivual businesses of their own and do the same thing they're doing now.

Reporting in madison, alexis scott waay-31 news.

This is the first year of the madison c-e-o program.

It's open to student at james clemens, bob jones, as well as john paul the second catholic church.

But we're told school leaders hope to expand it more students next year.

For more information about the madison c-e-o program - and to find out how you can purchase a shirt - go to our website!

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