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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Hamilton County health officials say COVID-19 vaccine side effects no cause for alarm

Credit: WCPO Cincinnati
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Hamilton County health officials say COVID-19 vaccine side effects no cause for alarm
Hamilton County health officials say COVID-19 vaccine side effects no cause for alarm

Doctors at UC Health have partnered with Moderna to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, and they say, yes, some local test subjects have exhibited side effects.


EVERYONE FROMRESEARCHERS TO PEOPLEQUESTIONING ITS SAFETY SOUNDEDOFF.WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HOWHAMILTON COUNTY RESPONDED.HERE'S REPORTER LARRY SEWARD.(show county freezerconstruction video)(track)inhamilton county some placesecret and secure... they'rebuilding ultra cold, walk-infreezers for COVID-19 vaccines.(nats of camera clicks aswoman gets vaccine - from clipUK VACCINE VIDEO - tc :53)(track)from the u-k...(showvideo of uc trial)to u-c...shots to shield people fromcatching the virus are comingwith expected hiccups.asBritain began massvaccinations... two peoplesuffered allergic reactions...possibly to the shot developedby pfizer.regulators warnedpeople with "significanthistory" of such reactions toshots to avoid this particularvaccine.(sot/ tc / june raine,medicines and healthcareproducts regulatory agency,chief executive)"we know fromthe very extensive clinicaltrials that this wasn't afeature..."(track)belowreports of vaccine coming tothe u-s soon... skepticssounded off:"no thank you"..."nope i'll never take it"......while local doctors...(larry question)"do you see ared flag?"(sot/ tc :33/ dr.odell owens/ interact forhealth, ceo)"absolutely not."(track)...prescribed caution.(sot/ tc 1:28/ dr. odellowens/ interact for health,ceo)"when you get a vaccine orsome kind of medication,there's always going to besome side effects."(track)interact for health c-e-o anddoctor odell owens see concernonly for people sensitive toinjections.(sot/ tc 4:15/20/dr. odell owens/ interact forhealth, ceo)"i think if youare senstive maybe youshouldn't take this particularvaccine.

Now remember thereare going to be maybe threedifferent choices.

So youmight respond to this one andyou may not be reactive to thenext one."(track)moderna isworking with u-c health on aseparate carlfichtenbaum is leading thosetrials.(sot/ tc 1:20/ dr. carlfichtenbaum/ university ofcincinnati, professor ofmedicine)"i think the negativevoices are always louder thanthe positive voices onanything.

I just think we allhave to be mindful of whatwe're facing..."(track)(showfollowing text over video:Hamilton County6 morekilled96 more inhospitals5,872 morecoronavirus cases)since lastweek... the county's number ofpeople killed... in thehospital and infected bycoronavirus all rose.unsurewhy... county leaders soundsure about one solution.(sot/tc :54/ denise driehaus/hamilton county commissioner)"having a vaccine in less thana year is a triumph for us inour fight against thispandemic."(larry looklive)"they are so confident that assoon as next week... the firstvaccine doses in town will goto doctors, nurses, and peoplewho live or work in long-termcare facilities.

Larryseward... wcpo... nine news."


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