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Friday, April 16, 2021

Government shutdown 12.18.20

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Government shutdown 12.18.20
Government shutdown 12.18.20

A partial government shutdown was averted in order to give Congress more time to negotiate on coronavirus aid

In our top story at 11... hours before government funding was set to expire.... congress passed a resolution today, to extend the deadline --to sunday night.

As marci gonzalez reports..

Republicans and democrats... are trying to pass much needed covid relief before the new deadline.

Script: with just hours left before a partial government shut-down was set to begin -- congress buying itself more time, voting to extend the deadline to reach an agreement on a covid relief deal.

Sot: sen.

Chuck schumer, minority leader: "we're very close to an agreement, but the details really matter.

The nearly 900 billion dollar aid package is tied to a larger federal spending bill.

Congress now has until sunday at midnight for a deal to be struck, dragging out the already months- long wait for millions of americans depending on financial help.

Sot: sen.

Bernie sanders, vermont: "if this country means anything, if democracy means anything, if the us government means anything, it means that we cannot turn our backs on this suffering."

The bill is expected to include 300 dollar weekly federal unemployment benefits and a 600 dollar direct payment to many americans.

Missouri republican senator josh hawley -- tried -- and failed -- to get that direct payment amount raised to the 12-hundred dollars given to americans- back in march.

Sot: hawley: "rely we could start with reasonable modest relief to the working people in need in this nation."

Hawley is aligned with democrats who would prefer another multi- trillion dollar rescue package.

Republicans continue to want less.

Sot: sen.

Ron johnson, wisconsin: "i want to help people.

I voted to help people.

I voted for the 2.2 trillion dollar cares act but i am also concerned about our children's future and the fact that we are mortgaging it."

More than 10 million americans stand to lose part of their unemployment benefits if a covid- relief deal isn't reached by the end of next week.

Only adding to the desperate situation so many are already facing: ymca president: "people are driving upwards of an hour to two hours to get here and then sitting in a line for three to four hours before they're able to get their box of food."

Marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles.

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