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Monday, March 8, 2021


Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Joining us for good day kentucky, i'm monica harkins..

In for erica and cody..

L3: top story white president trump signs stopgap bill averts shutdown in our top story, americans do 'not' have to worry about a government shutdown... at least for another week..

President trump signing a stopgap spending bill early tuesday morning..

The measure provides funds to keep the federal government open until december 28- th..

Lawmakers now hope they can formalize legislation in the next seven days to avoid a government shutdown for an 'extended' period.

Keep reading it's especially important right now -- in the middle of a pandemic, an ongoing economic crisis and a high- stakes vaccine rollout..

Late last night, congress passing that long overdue coronavirus relief package -- it now heads to president trump's desk for his signature..

Faith abubey explains it could mean much needed money in the hands of american families..

L3: nation view white anticipated coronavirus relief aid passes $900 billion l3: nation view white anticipated coronavirus relief aid passes $900 billion l3: nation view white moncef slaoui operation warp speed l3: nation view white anticipated coronavirus relief aid passes $900 billion l3: nation view white ethan schulz alabama l3: nation view white anticipated coronavirus relief aid passes $900 billion l3: nation view white faith abubey reporting faith oncam: good morning.

The covid relief package passed overnight with overwhelming support, 359-53 and it comes amid new worries that the coronavirus has mutated.

Script: this morning, fears a mutated -- and potentially highly- contagious version of the coronavirus is already here in the u.s. after being first discovered in the united kingdom sot fauci: "when we start to look for it, we're going to find it."

The u.k waking up to a new round of strick lockdowns.

Prime minister boris johnson saying the new variant is more contagious, but scientists around the world not yet in agreement -- sot moncef slaoui: "i think, scientifically to date, there is no hard evidence that this virus is actually more transmissible."

More than 40 countries now banning travel to and from the u-k.

But so far the u.s. isn't among them.

This as the nation sees its worst month yet of the pandemic -- averaging more than 2600 deaths a day overnight both the house and senate passing a much- needed nearly 900 billion dollar relief package.

The bill, attached to a massive goverment spending bill -- includes $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits and 600- dollars in direct payments to individual americans.

-- billions of dollars to distribute vaccines and save cash strapped businesses sot ethan schulz: " 600 dollars isn't going to help a lot of the average americans just trying to get by."

Faith: president trump is expected to sign the bill quickly.

Treasury secretary steve mnuchin says the first checks could get to those in need as soon as next week.

Faith abubey, abc news, washington.

But the question for those in need of c1 3 extra help -- will it be enough?

Some who have been struggling..

Say, no..

L3: abc 36 news white some say coronavirus aid not enough steven murphy...lives in lexington... he says while he didn't receive the first round of stimulus checks because of his income...his daughter is did..and he's worried for people like her.

L3: abc 36 news white steven murphy lexington resident "i don't think the total is enough.

900 million is a big number but to leave state and local governments out... i think is a big mistake."

L3: abc 36 news white some say coronavirus aid not enough abc 36 political analyst dr. stephen voss says the first round didn't help the economy much... but this next round could..

He says this agreement will mostly hurt leaders in states and cities with large workforces murphy worried...they're left out of the agreement.

There is help available...for those who may not be able to afford their 'heat bills' this winter.

Kentucky power says... starting in can apply for its "thaw" program.

If you're'll receive up to $175 in heating assistance.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis until there are no funds left.

There are also some eligibility requirements.

You can find out more about how to apply on w-t-v-q dot com.

### now to a traffic alert -- attention to cincinnati commuters...the brent spence bridge could reopen later today..

Ahead of schedule..

Final inspections happened yesterday and transportation officials say the bridge is now, once again, safe for travel.

Crews are still working on a few maintenance issues, like equipment and temporary signage removal.

Transportation officials are scheduled to give an update at 10 this morning..

We'll keep you updated..

In kentucky---the governor..first lady..and other legislative leaders are set to get their coronavirus vaccine today... as vaccinations continue at long- term care facilities and hospitals..

We talked to one of the directors at c- v-s about her role in immunizing the state's most vulnerable..

#### "governor beshear: today is another shot at hope."

Literally a shot to save lives from coronavirus.

Tuesday some of c1 3 kentucky's most vulnerable got their shot... "emily abbott: we've been met with a lot of gratitude by the residents and the staff."

C-v-s health district leader emily abbott was in frankfort tuesday helping roll out vaccinations.

"abbott: i'm really excited to be a part of something so historic and i know my teams are as well, they truly care about the people and we wanna just help the world get a little more normal again."

Governor beshear says 2-thirds of covid-19 deaths in kentucky are in long term care facilities... and if you remember, to protect them... these people hd for almost a this vaccine..can mean a chance to live longer..

But also live better.

"timothy vino, president, leadingage kentucky: after nine grueling months i cant think of a better christmas gift for our residents."

And it's been suc..a celebration.

"nat pop woo " this is joe schroer he's believed to be the first kentuckian in a long term care facility to be vaccinated.

Nat: "you ready?

Is that all " abbott says she expects c-v-s health in central kentucky to administer about a thousand vaccinations tuesday...and walgreen's is also helping vaccinate kentucky's elderly.

Governor beshear expects all people living and working at kentucky's long term care facilities to be vaccinated by march.

### l3: coronavirus in kentucky white cvs, walgreens vaccinating at long-term care facilities 12 states and... c-v-s and walgreens are working with operation warp speed to facilitate vaccinations at long-term care facilities, this week..

Kentucky's one of the first twelve states..

The companies expect to expand in the near future.

C-v-s predicts it will take twelve weeks to vaccinate about four-million people in some 40-thousand facilities.

Walgreen's team members will administer the vaccine in "approximately 8- hundred long-term care facilities across the first twelve states" starting next week.

And-- will continue to expand vaccinations to 35- thousand facilities.

### the five... university of louisville hospital health care workers... who received the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine say they aren't feeling any side affects.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white checking in with health care workers who took covid vaccine louisville all say their routine has not changed much since getting the vaccine and they are still taking all the necessary precautions.

They were asked if getting vaccinated gave them any sense of relief.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white dr. jason smith first to receive covid-19 vaccine in kentucky 10:26"are we less stressed about this?


I'll be honest it's just not as widespread enough yet that we can kind of begin to feel less stressed about this or less worried about our friends, our families."

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white checking in with health care workers who took covid vaccine louisville dr. smith says the university hopes to have all 7-thousand c1 3 of their ...tier one..

Health care workers vaccinated by the end of january.

While vaccinations continue in the state...we're entering a plateau in coronavirus cases.

Governor beshear announcing just under 2- thousand new cases yesterday... and 15 deaths..

The total number of people who have now died from the virus..

More than 24-hundred..

The positivty rate..still trending down... now at 8- point-64 percent..

In central kentucky...three prisons...are facing coronavirus outbreaks..

A third of the inmates, at the northpoint training center in boyle county have the virus..

According to the department's website...there are 409 active inmate cases, and 15 active staff cases.

According to the federal bureau of prisons..

116 inmates and 17 staff members have tested positive at the federal prison in clay county.

There's also a new outbreak..

At the federal prison in lexington.

According to the f- b-p...194 inmates and 18 employees currently have the virus..

At the federal medical center.

More than 200 cases and six coronavirus- related deaths were reported at the prison over the spring and summer.

In perry county--- state police are looking for the person responsible for starting a deadly fire at a home..

Ksp says the fire happned... just before 5:30 yesterday morning..

At a home in the viper community.

State police say two people were found dead inside the home.

Their bodies have been taken to the medical examiner's office in frankfort for an autopsy.

### support beams have been put in place, at a valvoline shop in lexington... after a driver crashed their s-u-v into the building..

According to police..

It happened yesterday morning..

Just off tates creek road.

Officers say..

Witnesses told them the driver was coming from kroger toward the valvoline... when they lost control.

Investigators say the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

After the break, the 'y'... for a better us..

We'll catch up with the folks at the y- m-c-a on their latest efforts amid the pandemic... plus; we've got a recall to tell you about..

What you need to check your freezer for -- ahead in consumer news..

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