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Sunday, February 28, 2021


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Thanks for coming out.

Lyssa-host: this is such a beautiful, beautiful gallery and it's located now in the fayette mall correct?

Jamie-owner: yes, we are near the cheesecake factory restaurant, easy parking.

Lyssa-host: yes, it's so easy to find.

Love it, love it, love it.

It's decorated just beautifully.

Jamie-owner: thank you.

Lyssa-host: we're going to be talking about jewelry now.

Jamie-owner: we have a lot of jewelry.

Lyssa-host: i love jewelry, so tell me about this beautiful jewelry that you have here.

Jamie-owner: we have something for everyone.

We have sterling silver, we have gold, we have some more occasional wear, kind of costume pieces.

This- lyssa-host: that's gorgeous.

Jamie-owner: .

Is a really pretty multi-color necklace.

We have gorgeous opals in gold or silver.

Lyssa-host: yes, and i was asking you about the opals too because they come in blue, it's a beautiful blue color- jamie-owner: yes.

Lyssa-host: ... and then also the mined from different colors.

Jt colors.

Ethiopian, australiay do amazing things with theething.

L artis we do.

We've got pieces from a lutely one of a kind.

She hand san original.

Lyssa-host: whan the break, if one of tmy earrings- jamie-owner: yes.

Lng local too, is that yoan have a e replacement.

Lyssa-hing necklace reallto make people happy.


Jamie-owner: artiquegallerique gallery.

Lyss: yeah, mie-owner: free local deap everything that leaves ot: gift wrapping.

Yes, absolaving us.

Janews: 20-20 has been a year likn bet last minute... s eve shopping will loo minute... christmas eve shopp.

You may see the longest liuse md inside at one time.

However, hours of operation on christmas eve -- at most stores-- will be similar to what they were last year.

Most major retailers will close by six p-m, with some exceptions.

Target locations will open at seven a-m and shut down at 8 p-m on christmas eve -- two hours 'earlier' than in 20-19.

Walmart, kohl's, and macy's will close their doors at six p-m on the 24th.

Hours may vary at costco stores, and senior hours may apply, but many locations are open nine to five on christmas eve.

Although the covid-19 virus doesn't discriminate -- the financial toll of the pandemic is hitting minorities -- the financial toll of the pandemic is hitting minorities the hardest.

And a new survey is showing just how devastating that impact is on the pocketbooks of minority small business owners.

But as britt conway reports in today's consumer watch-- some entrepreneurs are using their ingenuity to stay afloat.

### struggling to survive.

The covid-19 pandemic is impacting all small business owners-- but a new survey finds minority- owned businesses are hurting the most.

Rhett buttle founder, public private strategies "eight in 10 small business owners surveyed reported the negative effects of this pandemic.

More than half of the respondents have experienced revenue declines of more than twenty five percent."

The survey from reimagine main street found many entrepreneurs of color are especially struggling to stay afloat.

With 33-percent of black-owned 26-percent of native-american owned and 21-percent of hispanic-owned businesses reporting having less than a month of cash to cover expenses.

And about ten percent of those surveyed expect to close permanently in the next six months.

Rhett buttle founder, public private strategies "there's been some federal help, the paycheck protection program, and that helps some small businesses.

But it just disproportionately went to larger businesses and quite frankly, didn't flow to business owners of color who needed it the most."

Thanks to necessity and ingenuity-- some minority small business owners have found a way to adapt and thrive.

Nathalie huerta owner, the queer gym "because our business has gone online, we are no longer just restricted to our clients here in oakland.

We can go nationwide; we can go global."

For nathalie huerta... owner of "the queer gym" in california..

Pivoting her business has paid off.

Nathalie huerta owner, the queer gym "since march, we we've been able to triple our memberships in the last nine months."

But for many other struggling entrepreneurs-- their only hope is help from washington.

Rhett buttle founder, public private strategies "small business owners don't want a handout.

They just need a level playing field.

They need help now, just like many working americans do."

For consumer watch-- i'm britt conway.

### now to a recall on food you may have in your freezer..

Nestl prepared foods is recalling certain lean cuisine baked chicken meals ... due to possible plastic in the food.

They contain white meat chicken ... stuffing ... red skin mashed potatoes ... and gravy.

The agriculture department's food safety and inspection service says ... bits of a broken conveyer belt might be in the potatoes.

The meals were produced and packaged on september second of this year.

L3: consumer news white doritos 3d crunch back in stores dec 28 here's some good food news!

Frito lay is bringing back 3-d crunch doritos.

It's relaunching the three-dimensional doritos with two flavors: spicy ranch and chili cheese nacho.

The cone-shaped puffed tortillas were available in a variety of flavors from 19-98 to 2004.

The new version hits stores december 28th.

#### in health news: pfizer and moderna say they're testing to see if their vaccines work against the new covid-19 strain.

The virus variant... has been found in the u-k and other countries.

Moderna says it believes its vaccine would protect against the mutation... but they are doing additional tests in the coming weeks to confirm.

Pfizer is "generating data" from blood samples of those already injected with their vaccine..

Covid-19 has mutated before... and both companies say their vaccines worked against those variations.

But researchers who are examining the new strain in the u-k are concerned that it could diminish the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Pfizer and moderna make the only two coronavirus vaccines that have been authorized by the u-s.

More than 614- thousand americans are one shot away from being vaccinated against covid-19.

The c-d-c reports ... that's how many received the first dose of the pfizer- biontech vaccine ... as of monday morning.

It takes two shots to reach 95-percent efficacy.

The c-d-c's tracking system shows ... operation warp speed has delivered about four-point-six million doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccines.

They've reached all 50 states ... the district of columbia ... and puerto rico.

Moderna isn't in the administered doses count yet ... since it just got f-d-a authorization friday.

Still ahead: george clooney fans get excited... the lexington star has a new sci-fi flick coming out..

We've got a preview coming up in entertainment news..

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