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Monday, April 19, 2021

First Responders Won't Get Vaccine Immediately

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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First Responders Won't Get Vaccine Immediately
First Responders Won't Get Vaccine Immediately

WAAY-31's Breken Terry talks with first responders and why they won't be getting the vaccine immediately.

And first responders.

Shoals officials told waay31 a directive from the state means police and firefighters won't get the moderna vaccine next week like they thought.

Waay31'sbreken terry spoke with shoals officials about who is getting the vaccine next - and when all first responders could get it.

Right now we know emergency service personnel will be the first to get the vaccine.

This means paramedics and anyone with an ambulance service.

For keller ambulance they already started getting the vaccine and between christmas and new years is when shoals ambulance employees will get vaccinated.

Right now there is no time frame on when firefighters and police officers will get the vaccine.

Smith- we just hope as soon as possible depending on what kind of shipments the state gets in after this particular round at the end of the week they may decide sometime next week that we can start but we don't have that information definitively.

Colbert county emergency management director michael david smith said they are still collecting the names of firefighters and police officers who want the vaccine.

Smith- because of the way the vaccine has to be stored and because of the limited availability and because of the time frame you have to wait 20 or 30 minutes they don't want everyone showing up at once.

Smith said according to the state health department firefighters and police officers fall into the medium risk category so right now the plan is to vaccinate the high risk first responders like those who work on an ambulance.

Hargett- i'm excited i want to be the first in line.

I do.

I'm getting in the older generation and my immunity isn't as great as kids so i'm happy for the opportunity for this vaccine show up and i've got several of our people that are excited to get it.

Blake hargett is the operations director of shoals ambulance his employees have been coming in direct contact with covid patients on a regular basis.

He said they have been allocated 300 doses of the moderna vaccine which will be given through the north alabama medical center next week.

Hargett- we probably have a little more than what we need and so we will give those back and it will trickle down the line to other people.

Hargett said his crews work in 24 hour shifts and they are scheduling people to get vaccinated in shifts.

Hargett- once one of our crews works off we will send them down to get their shots then they will have a few days off to recuperate and try and get back on their feet if there is any side effects or if they feel weaker or don't feel well for a day or two.

And then get back on their feet for their next shift and we will rotate them through.

It may take us a week to get everyone done.

Hargett said this has been a stressful time for his crews but as the months have dragged on it's become normal to care for coronavirus patients and transport them.

He said being on the frontlines of the virus you see a lot more and that's why he wants the vaccine for him and his crews.

Still there is no timeline on when firefighters and police officers will get it but they are next.

Live in flo bt waay31.


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