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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hamilton County Health Department to start vaccinating Wednesday

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Hamilton County Health Department to start vaccinating Wednesday
Hamilton County Health Department to start vaccinating Wednesday
Hamilton County Health Department to start vaccinating Wednesday

County officials call today a "historic" one as they say they've received their first shipment of covid-19 vaccines tuesday.

News 12's dorothy sherman explains what's next.

That's tonight's top local story. sherman: "health department officials say they will start vaccinating on wedensday only a specific group of folks at their pod clinic."

On tuesday, the hamilton county health department got 1500 doses of covid-19 moderna vaccines and on wednesday will be getting 1800 more.

Hamilton county health department dr. fernando urrego: "we are starting to finally see the end of this very, very long tunnel.

These vaccines are amazing.

They're incredibly safe, and they're incredibly effective."

These shots will be given to folks in the state identified 1a1 group, which include first responders.

And while they're getting the shots, what they have still won't be enough to cover everyone in the group just yet.

Health department administrator becky barnes: "we are anxious to have vaccine readily available for everyone, but right now i want stress that these doses are for high priority groups that i have mentioned.

They are deemed high priority, because they have the highest risk of exposure and/or adverse outcomes."

The plan is to vaccinate people at a drive-through, point of dispensing or pod clinic set up at the hubert fry center over five days.

They also have teams of nurses who will get out to administer the vaccinate.

Moderna is a two-dose vaccine.

According to the health department, once someone gets their first shot, they'll get a card for their return in 28 days for their final dose.

Health department administrator becky barnes: "vaccine doses will be entered into the state immunization registry called tns and the state will be releasing vaccine date from that system." sherman: "while they're getting theses vaccines, county officials are still urging people to wear masks and social distance.

In hamilton county, dorothy


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