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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

First Responder Vaccines

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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First Responder Vaccines
First Responder Vaccines
Chattanooga area First Responders get Covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday.


It's been a big day for first responders in chattanooga and hamilton county.

Police officers and firefighters received the first round of covid vaccines in the city.

News 12's winston reed is live from the chattanooga fire department with the details.

Today, dozens of first responders and essential workers volunteered to roll up their sleeves after the state health department received around 15 hundred covid vaccine shots.

Chief david roddy and other city officials are grateful that front line workers in chattanooga are able to receive the first round of the moderna vaccine.

"they have had to go into settings inside people's homes.

Close interactions and they havent been able to avoid that because that's part of what being a police officer or fire fighter requires."

Officer jeffrey abbot was in high spirits shortly after getting his vaccine.

"i feel good about getting this vaccine.

I feel like i can go out there and do my job effectively and not have to worry so much about possibly getting exposed."

"we've had firefighters have covid unfortunately.

We've had police officers get covid unfortunately."

Chattanooga mayor andy berke hopes the first round of doses encourages more first responders to volunteer.

"i think one of the things you're going to see is a firefighter or a police officer talking to their colleague and saying 'i did it.

I'm so happy i did it.

I don't feel bad.

It's okay."

Lookng at the bigger picture, chattanooga fire chief wants the firt round of vaccines to build the confidence of the entire city.

"we really encourage the public too.

If they want to help first responders, we encourage the public to get the vaccine."

"we really need to make sure that everyone in are community are looking at this so as we move forward, we get to that herd immunity point of 60 -70 plus percent of our nation."

The state's health department received another shipment of 18 hundred doses of the vaccine.

City officials urge everyone to properly educate theirself on the vaccine before deciding whether or not to get a chattanooga.

We have a link to the city information and resource portal on our website.

That's wdef dot com.

Reporting live in chattanooga winton reed news 12 now.



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