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Monday, March 1, 2021


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C1 3 b13 weather this is the 41nbc news at eleven good evening and thanks for good evening and thanks for joining us for 41nbc news at 11:00.

I'm jatrissa wooten.

Tucker sargent has the night off.

Our top story tonight at 11: chaos continues in washington as president trump seemed to threaten a veto of the covid relief package just approved by congress after months of negotiations.

The president asking congress to rework the bill, and increase direct stimulus payments.

Nbc's alice barr has the latest.

Before heading home for the holidays -- president trump fulfilling a threat to veto the annual military spending bill -- because it allows military bases honoring confederate figures -- to be renamed -- and does *not reform liability protections for tech companies like facebook and twitter that have drawn the president's ire.

The president also punching holes through an urgently-needed covid relief bill -- that lawmakers thought was a done deal.

President trump / white house twitter video "it really is a disgrace."

Overnight, the president posting to twitter -- a white house-produced video -- directing congress to get rid of what he called the bill's wasteful spending -- and give more money in direct payments to americans.

President trump / white house twitter video :42-:47 "increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000" democrats had pushed for bigger checks -- and house speaker nancy pelosi wants to approve the increase by unanimous consent -- tomorrow -- though the top republican in the house would have to agree.

President trump was not directly involved in the months of relief deal negotiations -- but his treasury secretary was -- and the white house had said he would sign it congress can override a presidential veto -- but time is running out -- with federal unemployment benefits expiring saturday -- for some 12 million americans.

While risking a delay in that critical aid - the president giving pardons to more than 40 people in 24 hours - tonight adding his son-in-law jared kushner's father charles kushner -- as well as former advisors paul manafort and roger stone - who were both convicted in connection to the mueller russia investigation.

(insert ends) c1 3 b13 (two second pause) audio outcue: in washington, alice barr, nbc news.

A reminder, covid relief was attached to a much larger government funding bill.

So if president trump does veto it, the government would shut down on monday.

Two more teens are in custody... in connection to monday's shooting... that ended with one teen dead at the sandy springs apartments in macon.

17-year-old keymarion manor and 15-year-old naylan woodford are both facing murder and aggravated assault charges.

The fugitive task force arrested the pair at the green meadows apartment complex.

Manor is in the bibb county jail.

And woodford is in the youth detention center.

Deputies are still searching for two more suspects tonight.

Here is a photo of 19-year old christopher bon-ner.

They are looking for him... and 21-year-old malik bonner.

If you can help with this case ... call crime stoppers at 1-877-68crime.

The carl vinson v-a medical center in dublin is now giving the covid-19 vaccine ... to its residents and healthcare workers.

The center received its first batch of the moderna vaccine on tuesday.

It is one out of 113 v-a medical centers across the country... receiving the supply.

Center officials tells us.... they have created a plan to distrubute the vaccine throughout the week... to those who need it most.

After we work through the first two groups, again those veterans who are living in our long term care facility, and we're scheduling all of those vaccinations starting tomorrow through christmas day and c1 3 b13 beyond.

We're excited to deliver this great gift that's been given to us by science.

The director with the v-a medical center says ...even after vaccination... employees and veterans will continue wearing face coverings... practicing physical distancing and hand washing.

The latest covid-19 update in georgia shows... more than five thousand new coronavirus cases in the last 24-hours.

This brings the state's total to 524 thousand 55 cases.

And the department of public health reports ... nine thousand, five hundred 54 deaths related to covid-19.

In middle georgia .... bibb county is reporting eight thousand 708 total cases.

Houston county has five thousand 443 total cases.

Baldwin county reports two thousand 764 cases.

And laurens county is moving closer to baldwin with ... with two thousand 549 cases.

The macon chamber of commerce is hoping you will do your last minute holiday shopping locally.

Many business owners say ... they were hit hard by the pandemic.

The chamber is hoping holiday shopping... will help boost the local economy ... going into the new year.

We spoke with the owner of travis jean... in downtown macon.

He says ... he hopes people will continue to think of local businesses ... even after the holiday season is over.

"around the holidays people really get into the spirit of shopping local.

It's important to remember those small businesses year round not just at the holidays."

If you need a last minute gift for christmas... travis jean emporium is open until 5 p-m tomorrow.

You should check with your favorite store... to see if they're open tomorrow.

In a matter of days -- and after 13 years in office --- macon-bibb county mayor robert reichert will finish his final term.

A graduate of stratford academy and mercer law school... he's macon raised and reared.

But when 2020 ends... he will hand things over to incoming mayor lester miller.

41nbc's shelby coates spoke with mayor reichert... as he looks back on his service to this community.

"i hate to leave things undone but i guess that's life."

His to-do list is still pretty long... but his time in office is growing short.

"you never get everything done, buttoned up just the way you want it."

Mayor robert reichert has spent decades serving the people of macon-bibb.

The democrat is a military veteran and attorney.

He served as a state representative and a macon city council member before ... becoming mayor in 2007.

He has the honor... of being the city of macon's last mayor tion.

And voters selected him to be macon-bibb's first mayor after consolidation.

"it's less expensive.

It is more efficient.

It is more effective."

Reichert says consolidating two governments into one ... is his biggest acheivements as mayor.

Voters approved the consolidation in 2012.

Reichert says it took about 16 months to finalize the merger of employees, services and codes.

The new consolidated government started in 2014 -- with reichert running lead.

He was later re-elected for his most recent and final term in 2016.

"yes are still not perfectly consolidated and functioning.

Over the last six years we have done so much to establish undeniably that consolidation is good for macon and bibb county."

The mayor says his second success... is the second street corridor through downtown macon.

The bike, pedestrian and retail friendly corridor connects the east side to the west side.

"i think it is really going to expand everybody's concept of what consitutes downtown."

Reichert says it is an added boost to a booming dowtown...tha t he was able to watch blossom ... as mayor for 13 years.

"the number of stores and loft apartments that have been built in the downtown area -- absolutely phenominal."

However, the mayor is leaving office accepting the fact that other areas of macon-bibb are not seeing the same growth.

'they are going to go where they think they have the best chance of success.

And if that happens to be out at the new mall.

You don't tell them no no no, you can't come out there.

You have to go -- they are not going into south bibb county."

Reichert says you don't fight with capitolism.

Instead there are now tax incentives in place for companies that rehab abandoned and delipidated commercial sites.

And plans are approved to extend the runway at middle georgia regional airport in south macon- bibb to accomendate large planes.

"the wagon is moving and it is moving in the right direction."

But mayor robert reichert is leaving office at a tough time.

Macon-bibb is fighting both covid and crime.

"this inability of some people to be able to resolve interpersonal conflicts other than just with a firearm, a pistol.

Just pull it out and boom boom boom."

Macon-bibb set a new record for the most homicides in one year.

Reichert says he is proud of the partnership between the county and the sheriff's office.

But community support is needed too.

"it is awfully hard for the sheriff's office to try to prevent some of this interpersonal violence that happens within a home."

Macon-bibb is also handling the coronavirus pandemic -- a health emergengy and reichert's second extreme economic experience.

"i had two book ends to my time as mayor."

Within his first two years as mayor... reichert had to revive macon after the 2008 great recession.

Now in his final year, he's working to keep revenue going and businesses running... during a pandemic.

It's a job he will now pass on to mayor elect lester miller.

"very aggressive about taking over and making good things happen quick.

So i am excited and enuthasitic about his administration."

And now, as he prepares to leave office... reichert can't help but to keep helping macon.

He plans to return to his macon law firm -- focusing on economic and community development.

As politician seeking an office?

"i don't think so.

You can put a fork in me i'm done."

C1 3 b13 no -- instead as a private maconite.

Shelby coates - 41nbc news.

We asked the mayor what projects or goals ... remain unfinished for him.

He listed two.

He said he wanted ... to do more to address homelessness in macon ... along with underlying factors of mental health and addiction.

He also said... he wanted to help people in macon -- especially young males -- development the soft skills and training needed to qualify for new jobs.

Still ahead on 41nbc news at 11:00, a middle georgia law firm is giving away one thousand meals for christmas.

Details after the break.

Plus, if you need help feeding your pets, central georgia cares can help.

Find out how.

And later, georgia will take on cincinnati in the peach bowl on new year's day.

41nbc's bill shanks has a preview of the game, coming up in the b-s rep c1 3 b13 in high definition this is the 41nbc news at eleven.

Macon law firm -- forrest macon law firm -- forrest b.

Johnson and associates is at it again.

They're giving back to families for the holidays.

You may remember... the law firm partnered with s&s cafeteria to give away 500 meals on thanksgiving day.

And now, they're giving away a thousand meals for christmas.

The law firm says.... they saw how ... so many people needed food.... when the thanksgiving giveaway event ... finished within one hour.

The only thing we ask is that you are present to receive a meal.

If you have five people in c1 3 b13 your house, load them up, and those five people will get a meal" the giveaway is tomorrow from 10 a-m until 2 p-m... or while the food lasts.

Just look for the forrest b.

Johnson & associates tent outside of the s&s cafeteria on bloomfield village drive in macon.

Time now to turn to chief meteorologist cecilia reeves for a look outside middle georgia tonight... music.

Now your 41nbc accuweather forecast from the 41nbc storm i'm jon ossoff, and i approve this message.

When this pandemic hit, millions of georgians like me had to file for unemployment.

We needed our senator's help.

But for david perdue, we weren't the priority.

Senator perdue voted to give hundreds of billions to big corporations, even if they lay people off.

But he fought against the $1200 stimulus check for workers and supported cutting our unemployment benefits.

Even at a moment like this, david perdue is there for his donors, but not for us.

C1 3 b13 intro c1 3 b13 stormcast daring to demand the right to vote for black americans, in selma, alabama 55 years ago, john lewis was nearly killed as he and hundreds marched across this bridge.

That movement's courage secured the civil rights act and the voting rights act.

But the promise of equal justice in america remains unfulfilled.

So together, we'll fight for a new civil rights act and a new voting rights act to ensure equal justice for all, no matter the color of our skin, to end racial profiling and police brutality, and to stop anyone from suppressing the sacred right to vote.

Congressman lewis gave me my first job.

He instilled in me the conviction to fight for justice.

He said to never give in, never give up, keep the faith, and keep our eyes on the prize.

I'm jon ossoff.

I approve this message.

Too many people struggled, suffered, and died to make it possible for every american to exercise their right to vote.

C1 3 b13 the feed their pets struggling to people welcome back.

Welcome back.

People struggling to feed their pets during the pandemic can get help thanks to cares act funding.

Central georgia cares is offering assistance with pet food and supplies to people impacted by covid.

It's thanks to a grant from the clayton and carol paul foundation and the ginny milner foundation.

Chairman of central georgia cares, patti jones, says... this will help people with their pets ... during this difficult time.

"we don't want them to be put in a position where they think they might have to make a decision to separate from their beloved pet because that's just not the option that there are resources c1 3 b13 available to them to make sure their families stay in tact with their pets."

If you need assistance with pet food, contact them through the a-c pup central georgia cares facebook page... or text 390-38-01.

When we come back, can georgia


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