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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Electoral College vote challenge splits Republican Party

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Electoral College vote challenge splits Republican Party
Electoral College vote challenge splits Republican Party
Electoral College vote challenge splits Republican Party

Wednesday-congress will vote to certify the electoral college votes for the 2020 presidential election... but some congressional republicans - including members representing missouri -- plan to objecthere's kq2's kilee thomas with why this challenge may be dividing the republican party <<kilee thomas reportingsot: dr. melinda kovacs, mwsu political scientist- "what we're seeing right now, is the fragmentation of the very party that is presenting the challenge."in two days, congress will count the electoral college votes certifying president-elect joe biden's win- but not before republican lawmakers object to the - spearheaded by missouri senator josh hawley senator josh hawley, missouri- "74 have concerns about election supposed to sit down and shut up?"

Missouri house rep sam graves and three other state u.s representative members backing hawley saying they will not vote to certify the election until president trump's claims of voter fraud are investigated but not all republicans are on board sot: kovacs- "the big split right now in wanting to certify the electoral college votes and not wanting to certify the electoral college votes is not between the two paries which we could expect, but the split of fragmentation is occurring within the republican party."

Pennsylvania senator pat toomey, utah senator mitt romney and now georgia's secretary of state republicans against the objection objecting "undermines" the right of people to elect their leaders threatens our democratic republic."the question of certifying the election is drawing a line in the sand within the republican party sot: kovacs- "president trump, i think, acted as a litmus test for certain types of republican positions and ideologies.

A lot of republican identities depend on whether you side with president trump or whether you stand against.

President trump."

Missouri western state university political scientists say because sen hawley was the first to object to the election results receive strong support from missourisot: kovacs- "for republicans in missouri, it will be more frequent and more significant to see the position of questioning 2020 election."as for the count itself wednesday scientists say the objection the outcome of the election - but it won't be sot: kovacs- "i "when all is said and done, the theatrics will not that there is going to be a delay in certification of the votes, but i do expect they will be certified."

Reporting in st.

Joseph, kilee thomas, kq2 news so far publicly said they will object to the certification of the electoral college votesincluding dozens of republican house representatives here's a live look


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