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Friday, January 21, 2022

Raphael Warnock Makes History As Georgia Senator

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Raphael Warnock Makes History As Georgia Senator
Raphael Warnock Makes History As Georgia Senator
Warnock ran for Senator against Kelly Loeffler in the 2020 election.

Happening now---a-b-c news now projects democrat raphael warnock is the winner in one of georgia's runnoff races.

Abc's elizabeth schulze is in atlanta with the latest.

This morning democrats one step closer to taking control of the u.s. senate.

Abc news now projects democratic challenger reverend raphael warnock will defeat republican incumbent senator kelly loeffler in one of georgia's runoff races.

(sot warnock) everyday i'm in the united states senate, i will fight for you.

Warnock is a prominent black preacher at ebenzer baptist church in atlanta a pulpit that once belonged to doctor martin luther king junior.

In a victory speech he acknowled his historic role as georgia's first black elected senator.

(sot warnock) "i come before you tonight as a man who knows that the improbable journey that led me to this place in this historic moment in america could only happen here."

But his opponent loeffler a staunch ally of president trump not giving in.

(sot loeffler) we have a path to victory and we're staying on it.

The other race between democrat john ossoff and republican david perdue remains too close to call separated by by just a couple thousand votes.

Democrats need to win both seats to flip the senate.

(sot rick klein) this was a political earthquake in georgia.

It leaves democrats with the real possibility of of taking control of the senate for the very first two years of joe biden's term.

And it punctures the myth of infallibility, of unbeatability, president trump has created inside the republican party.

President trump has been a constant presence in the election here chastizing the state'e election officials and claiming without evidence the november votes were rigged.

Some republicans fear the president's claims may have

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