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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

010621 11 PM WEDS

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010621 11 PM WEDS
010621 11 PM WEDS
010621 11 PM WEDS

And we're going to do it c1 3 chaos.

Pro-trump supporters forcing their way inside the capitol...members told to put on gas masks...a woman shot.

Na-87we usa usa where were police?

How did this happen?

We have reaction from kentucky politicians...and you.

Danielle pkg: it was about as insane and ludacris as anything else that has happened this year the kentucky capitol...lawmakers continue to work on limiting the governor's power...but is that legal?

Good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

Developing now..

The city of washington d.c... under a curfew..

After mobs of president trump's supporters stormed congress today..

In the chaos..

A woman was shot and killed during a standoff with law enforcement.

As andrew dymburt reports..

Authorities say the capitol building is now secure..

Pkg a dark day for democracy.

Nats pro-trump extremists seizing the nation?s capitol.

One woman shot and killed.

Lawmakers hiding.

Journalists evacuated.

A curfew in place.

The fbi and national guard deployed--to take back the capitol from chaos.

Members of congress -- who were trapped inside congressional chambers -- describe the surreal scene.

Sot sen.

Chris van hollen/ : this is a very scary moment the violent pro-trump demonstrators stormed congress as lawmakers were ratifying president-elect joe biden?s decisive electoral victory.

As the situation spiraled out of control ?

Democrats and republicans alike urged president trump to condemn the violence and barbaric display.

Multiple sources tell abc news trump slowed efforts to call in the national guard and it wasn't until a few white house officials intervened for "the sake of the country?

Did the president sign off.

Trump eventually tweeted a video telling fanatics to go home.

But the video, removed by twitter, because trump continued to stoke the fire by falsely asserting he won the election.

Sot trump video ?

?you have to go home now.

We have to have peace.

We have to have law and order.?

President-elect joe biden with strong words for the outgoing president.

Biden sot: threatening the safety of duly elected officials.

It's not a protest, it's insurrection.

Leading up to the violence trump had been demanding vice president pence somehow prevent joe biden?s win after it had already been certified by the states.

Sot - trump "if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election.?

But after 4 years of unwavering loyalty to donald trump, pence showing defiance.

Saying in a statement he does not have unilateral power to arbitrarily change an election.

Then--following hours of violence and destruction?defiant lawmakers returning to the senate chamber?undaunted?to finish the people?s business.

Pence sot: to those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win even some of the president staunchest supporters ?

Like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell -- breaking with trump.

Mcconnell sot: i want to say to the american people, the united states senate will not be intimidated andrew dymburt tag: multiple sources tell abc news there have been discussions among some members of the trump cabinet about the 25th amendment - a vehicle for to remove him from office?.

It is unclear how extensive these conversations have been or if vice president pence is supportive.

Andrew dymburt abc news washington governor andy beshear, is calling the people who stormed the capitol...domestic terrorists.

Listen... gov andy beshear :03 "today is a tough day for our country.

Domestic terrorists have stormed and infiltrated our u.s. capitol building, a bulding that stands for american democracy, and yes, i call them domestic terrrorist.

When you try to use force, intimidation, to get what you want, to overthrow an election , to stop the business of congress, yes you are acting as a domestic terrorist.

:33, the republican party of kentucky also condemned the violence at the u.s. capitol today..

In a statment..

Saying in part... "we denounce the angry mob that stormed the u.s. capitol today and condemn them in the strongest possible terms. violence is never acceptable and has no place in our democracy."

Kentucky house and senate democratic leaders joni jenkins and morgan mcgarvey... releaased a statment saying..

"what happened today in washington, d.c., is not who we are or what we stand for as a nation.

We condemn these acts and any plans to undermine our constitutional protections."

Kentucky senate president robert stivers...says... "the events that occurred today in washington, d.c.

Were tragic and should have never happened.

This deplorable act of violence that took place at the capitol building should be condemned by all."

And u-s congressman andy barr, from lexington also released a statement, on the violence in washington..


"today's events at the u.s. capitol are tragic, outrageous and devastating.

They are wholly inconsistent with the fundamental values of our constitutional republic.

" so many people are appalled by what happened today...others think it was the right thing to do.

We wanted to hear from you so abc 36's danielle saitta got your reaction to the chaos on capitol hill.

Nat: protesters just sang the star spangled banner followed by a loud cheer nate: it was about as insane and ludacris as anything else that has happened this year seb: i think it's very frightening for us ellie: it's really just not ok w o ednesday afternoon--news from capitol hill shocked many in the bluegrass phillip: you don't think that at the capitol people are just going to invade it you think it's a pretty safe place..yea you would think its a safe place but today...the capitol was anything but safe for congress members as they were ratifying president trump's loss to joe biden...approving the president elect for inauguration on the 20th.

I spoke with people in lexington about the commotion in the nation's capital over 500 miles away...their general reaction??...disappo intment phillip: it's sad that america is so divided and people are storming government thomas: this is not a good thing for the country or for people in general anyway some believe this happened because of the events that unfolded this past the coronavirus nate: i think its contributing in the level of insanity of 2020 and others's the result of some americans refusing to accept the results of this recent election seb: people are still really mad about it but it's not the right way to act when asked about a solution they told'll fall on the shoulders of those stepping into office nathanial: what we really need is someone who can peacefully help us reach a common goal to the best of their ability in any way and it also calls for americans to acknowledge and accept a change in leadership as well as a change for a more united country phillip: american democracy works but overtime i don't think it's stable as long as people are so upset when their candidate doesn't win--we need to get over party politics and come together and live peacefully reporting in lexington danielle saitta abc 36 news a peacefull patriot rally was held in kentucky this morning.

L3: abc 36 news white patriot rally held in kentucky frankfort the rally included a parade... which went from from dog patch shopping center in london to briar creek park in williamsburg with a rally at the end.


Say they were answering president trump's request for patriots to stand up and protest the results of the 2020 election.

Governor beshear says he's moving the state of the commonwealth and budget address because of today's riots in washington, d.c.

The governor was supposed to give the address tonight.

Beshear posted on social media... that the decision was made to reschedule it...based on the demonstrations, at the nation's capitol in washington, d.c..

Beshear says he..

Along with the state senate president, and speaker of the house... agreed to move the joint session for the address to tomorrow night at 7 p-m.

The shortened general assembly session in frankfort this week got off to the start many expected...with republican lawmakers fast- tracking bills that would limit governor andy beshear's emergency powers.

Beshear even criticized one bill...calling it unconstitutional.

Abc 36 political analyst stephen voss says it's normal for new bills to be deemed unlawful....especial ly now...with such a polarized government.

The bill in question...senate bill one...would limit a governor's emergency order to 30 days.

After that...lawmakers would have to approve an extension.

The bill would also stop the governor from issuing an executive order on the same emergency without approval.

Voss says the bill...and others...will likely be refined as they pass through the legislature.

Still...he says potential backlash from kentuckians who may think republican lawmakers are more focused on playing politics can't be ignored.

"i do think some kentuckians were looking to the legislature to take action dealing with the current crisis first, and so it does give the democrats some rhetorical advantage to criticize them for dealing first with a separation of powers issue - a issue that has to do with how government's run."

That's a talking point democrats have already brought up so far in the session.

Senate bill one has already passed through goes on to the full senate next.

####### 2 and oh.

The basketball cats hit the restart button to start the year and now they sit at 2 and oh in the s-e-c.

They are still 3 and 6...those 6 losses are there, but the cats now have two wins under their belt.

There are several positive stats that stick out from tuesday night's win against vanderbilt, but the biggest involves the number 2.

The cats only had 2 turnovers.

Exactly a month ago against georgia tech they had 21 turnovers.

A big cal is allowing davion mintz and devin askew to run the show.

"well, here's what i'm doing: i'm giving them stuff to run, because i want to do less and i need them to do more.

That, here's the stuff we're running, you run what you want.

But here are the two or three things we're going with.

And then there may be a timeout and i say, 'okay, let's do these couple things now.

So if we have it in transition, you know what it is.

If not, at a dead ball, here it is.'

And i let them make those choices."

Regardless of turnover numbers...the game came down to one huge shot by davion mintz.

Hear from him later in sports.

Coming up..

A terrifying new record number of coronavirus cases in kentucky..

We'll have the breakdown.

And also ahead..

Big wins for democrats..

After last night's senate runoff races in georgia.

What that means for senator mitch mcconnell from kentucky.

Almanac here's today's almanac for lexington.

Weather reopen main weather c1 3 ots image:right new information police-tape-lights-generic1... new information, in an overnight shooting..

In scott county.

C1 3 as trump supporters occupied capitol... including on e woman shot by police.

Ots image:right new information police-tape-lights-generic1... new information, in an overnight shooting..

In scott county.

According to georgetown police....a person has been released from the hospital, after getting shot in a car, around midnight last night on paris pike and connector road.

Officers say..

The incident started in lexington..

And detecitves are now working to gather more evidence.

If you have information, that could help investigators in this case, contact the georgetown police department.

Two more louisville police officers involved in the breonna taylor deadly shooting... are now officially fired.

According ot the department..

Former detective myles cosgrove was fired for use of deadly force... after shooting 16 rounds into taylor's home and not activating his body camera.

Police say former detective joshua jaynes... wrote the search warrant for the raid.

He was fired for failing to complete a search warrant operations plan form... and for lying about taylor's former boyfriend..

Getting packages at taylor's home.

In june, another officer..

Former detective brett hankison was also fired none of the officers were charged for the actual killing of taylor who was shot and killed by police, in her apartment during a flawed forced-entry raid in march.

Ots image:right new cases today: 5,742 coronavirus kentucky1.jpg a shocking number of new cases of the coronavirus in kentucky.

According to governor andy beshear.... there were...5,742 new cases reported todday.

The governor says...that's the highest ever reported in a day in the state.

The total positives is now... 286,541.

And the positivity rate is now... 11 point 7 percent... which is the highest since may 5-th.

According to the governor... the top five counties for cases of the virus.... are jefferson, fayette, warren, kenton and daviess, and they each had more than 200 new cases... with jefferson county alone..

Reporting 828 new positives.

Fs img txt bullets:no coronavirus in kentucky office of governor andy beshear coronavirus kyfs-graphic.j ... governor beshear says..

Accross the state..

There were also 34 new covid-19 related deaths.

The total number of people who have died from the covoronavirus in the state is now... 2,806.

The total number of people currenlty hospitlaized with covid-19..

Is now..


A vaccine task force has been formed in lexington..

According to mayor linda gorton..

She and fayette county commissioner of health... doctor kraig humbaugh created the task force to help streamline distribution of the covid-19 vaccine.

The task force had its first meeting yesterday.

According to the mayor..

A lot of the members on it, have been involved in coordinating lexington's response to the pandemic since march, and have played a part in administering vaccines in the city.

Stay with us..

The latest on the georgia runoffs next.

In your nation news c1 3 contenders in georgia...have won last night's senate runoff races in that state.

Zohreen shah is on the ground in atlanta with why this has massive implications for the president elect's agenda and .for the senate, where, senator mitch mcconnell loses his title, of majority leader.

Package: in a major victory, democrats have seized control of the senate, after it became clear wednesday that both jon ossoff and raphael warnock won the georgia senate runoff races against republican incumbents david perdue and kelly loeffler.

' warnock "in this moment, we've got to bring people together."

Ossof "whethe you were for me or against me, i'll be for you" the two projected winners both making history for the state.

Ossoff - a former investigative reporter who will also be the youngest sitting senator and first jewish senator from georgia.

And warnock - a former pastor for a historic black church.

Warnock: "the other day, because this is america, the 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else's cotton went to the polls and picked her youngest son to be a united states senator," and while the republicans initially vowed to mount legal challenges if they lost, georgia governor brian kemp shutting down pressure to overturn the state's election results after hundreds of trump- supporting anarchists took over the u-s capitol kemp: "for those of you that have been calling on a special session, you can now see what that would look like."

The democrats victories deeply consequential for georgia and the natig the sn the senate.

Deatare now split with republicans 50-50, with democratic vice president elect kamala harris serving as the tie- breaker.

A majority for senate democrats could mean president elect joe biden would have an easier time getting his agenda passed through congress and that has sparked massive gop infighting one of the state's top election official's placing the blame squarely on the president--in a state republicans have previously easily won election official: the biggest thing we've seen is from the president's fertile mind to finding fraud where none exists.

Zohreen shah tag: to give you can idea of why the projected win today is so consequential--- this is the c1 3 there have been a few that came down to the final shot.

Kentucky missed those...until tuesday.

With 45 seconds remaining devin askew drove and kicked to davion mintz who would knock down a corner three.

It would give the cats the lead for good.

Here's mintz on hitting that shot.

While mintz hit the shot, olivier sarr was the guy the cats leaned on throughout the game.

He dropped 24 points and had 7 rebounds.

Sarr also had 14 against mississippi state.

He says his mindset has changed over the last couple of games.

On thursday the now 10th ranked kentucky women's team will be in for another battle.

They will be in college station to take on number 8 texas a&m.

Covid has been a tough time for everyone...athletes included.

C1 3 coaches in all sports have said it's been tougher for their team to truly activities are at a minimum due to the pandemic.

While other have struggled...head coach kyra elzy says her team has thrived.

That's all for now.

I'm bryan kennedy abc 36 sports.

Anchors ad-lib goodbyes jimmy kimmel is next.

2 and oh.

The basketball cats hit the restart button to start the year and now they sit at 2 and oh in the s-e-c.

They are still 3 and 6...those 6 lo ?

Baba baba baba jimmy kimmel live ?

Become at home.

Jimmy: i'm jimmy kimmel, thank you for joining us for the treason finale of the donald trump era.

This was one of those days that i always assumed was behind us.

This is not the sort of thing i ever imagined would happen in this country in my lifetime.

President of the united states, because he is too angry, too insecure, and too incompetent to deal with the fact that he lost an election, a fair election, an election that was no different than any other election.

An election he lost by 7 million votes and 70 electors, turns an angry mob against members of congress and his own vice president.

Not to mention endangering the


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