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Thursday, February 25, 2021


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Is also asking the legislature to extend a moratorium on evictions.

They broke the glass.

Everybody stay down.

Get down.

Brooke: it was a somber day in our nation's history.

At least four people dead after pro trump supporters violently storming the capitol.

Protesting the certification of joe biden's electoral college victory.

Jon: d.c.'s mayor extending the state of emergency through inauguration day.

That's about two weeks away.

Fox news correspondent lauren blanchard in washington now with the latest.

Reporter: congress gets back to work after an angry mob of protrump protesters stormed capitol hill resuming the process of certifying joe biden's win in the electoral college typically a routine procedure that this year prompted violence.

Today was dark day in the history of united states capitol.

Reporter: top democratic lawmakers placed blame on president trump for inciting the attacks.

President who promoted conspiracy theories that motivated these thugs, president that comported them to come to our nation's capitol, egg them on.

Earlier in the day president trump held rally near the white house asking his supporters to march to the capitol.

The president reversed course after the violence telling protesters to go home, yet still claiming the election was stolen.

I this was a fraudulent election, but we can't play into the hands of these people.

We have to have peace.

Stunning video captures the scene.

Thousands of trump supporters on capitol hill with some even making their way inside to the senate chamber forcing lawmakers to take cover.

Chaos turned deadly when one woman identified as ashley bob on the was shot inside the building.

Three others died of medical emergencies.

Similar rallies playing out across the country with protesters from washington state to california to idaho swarming their state capitals.

White house officials resigned in response to the events, including first lady melania trump's chief of staff, stephanie grishom.

Jon: it is hard to believe what we are seeing in the beloved capitol.

We should be alarmed but deeply saddened.

Protest honored but violence cannot be tolerated.

Nicki saying every american has right to protest peacefully.

What is happening is wrong, unamerican and we are better than that.

> senator tim scott also tweeting this photo out late last night.

Een eerie sight.

Armed forces leading them into the chamber.

He simply captioned it back to work.

Voicing concern, anger and disgust as well.

Amy russo has been tracking down those responses throughout the evening.

Amy, good morning to you.

Amy: one of the most notable representative nancy mace who was actually on capitol hill when the breach happened, she spent hours in lockdown saying it was a scary day for our nation and actions left her devastated and frustrated.

My anger, i'm so mad right now because millions of americans have been misled to believe that members of congress can single-handedly overturn the results of the presidential election via a vote to object the electoral college.

Former representative joe cunningham also fuming in an interview.

He called property test a consequence of president trump rhetoric saying this is the kind of profanity you see in third world countries.

This hasn't been seen in this country when it is -- like i said, i have a lot of emotions flowing through me because of my two years up there and i just think we are so much better as a country.

Amy: i did reach out to both the charleston county republican party and democratic party for a statement.

Only the democratic party got back to me.

State representative ja moore saying in part the actions of the terrorist who stormed our nation's capitol today are appalling and disgusting.

I remain hopefully that some day america will fulfill the vision of the founding fathers but today showed us that we still have a long way to go.

Now, our republican and democratic leaders both agree last night was tough and violence should not be tolerated.

In downtown charleston, amy russo, i will send it back to you.

Brooke: amy, thank you.

South carolina representative and house majority whip jim clyburn responding to unrest on the capitol yesterday.

He sent out a thread of tweets.

Quote, i faced violence, hatred before.

It was not deterred then and not deterred now.

This menace will not succeed in overthrowing our democratically elected government.

It is a fight.

Hundreds gathering to protest and support president trump.

That group chanted they wanted freedom and justice.

They stood unison protesting the general election results and results of tuesday's senate runoff in georgia.

Very well run election.

So the idea this election was stolen is utterly false.

About the future of our nation and when we look at our election system and we are concerned that there might be fraud, we expect our leaders to take that seriously.

We need to be one country under god again.

We need to get rid of this corruption.

Jon: many


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