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Monday, March 1, 2021

The Game Change: Bowling

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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The Game Change: Bowling
The Game Change: Bowling

It's a new year, but the Coronavirus is still affecting sports and activities.

See how one bowling team is doing its best to stay on the lanes.

It's a new year, but the coronavirus is still here in 2021 and sports teams are still adjusting to the new normal to compete in the activities they love.

Wtva's matt st.

Jean kicks off the new year with another edition of the game change.

Where i'm from, bowling is a nice casual activity or if you're feeling a little romantic and competitive at the same time a nice little date night.

But in alcorn county, bowling is pretty serious business at the high school level.

It is an indoor sport that means participants have to take some extra precautions to make their season a strike and not a gutter ball.

Well these kids are the pros anyway, they're pretty good, let's see how bowling has dealt with the coronavirus.

This is the game change.

(track) plaza lanes in corinth is home to several bowling teams including the kossuth aggies.

This was a rivalry match between the aggies and corinth just before christmas break.

Senior bryce bullard said the numbers in that match were a bit low, but not because the pins were dancing out of the way of the ball.

(bryce) right now we've got three people out against corinth today and all three of them are in the top five, we're definitely shooting lower numbers today than we usually do (track) bullard also plays football.he was on the edge of his seat all season, hoping they'd get through so bowling could happen.

(bryce) during football season a lot of my teammates were getting quarantined, i was really afraid that this was going to be like that, but it hasn't been so far, we've gotten to play all of our matches which is really nice.

(track) in order to avoid canceling matches, the bowling teams have made a few key changes, like social distancing, limiting the amount of players on each lane and wearing masks throughout competition.

But with cases on the rise, freshman sally kate gardner was worried that the protocols won't be enough to keep the aggies on the lanes.

(sally kate) it's so fun, especially my teammates and everything, it just feels like time is running out kinda, so i'm just trying to make the most of it.

(track) the aggies have a few matches remaining during its regular season, the regionals are on january 29th and the state championships are february 3rd in jackson.

Reporting from corinth.

Matt st.

Jean, wtva 9 sports.

Folks in clay county will now have access to free wifi outside


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