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Monday, March 8, 2021

01-07-2020 FOR BRI

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01-07-2020 FOR BRI
01-07-2020 FOR BRI

Chaos, shouting, gun shot an unprecedented assault& a nation in shock... questions about security ?

"* and leadership.

We have the very latest as our nation heals from this nightmare.

Joseph r biden jr of the state of delaware has received 306 votes chaos on capitol hill.

How the violence didn't stop congress from sealing president?

"* elect biden's win.

Olmsted county is working out the details to distribute state covid?

"*19 relief i'm kit news 3's jessica beinge live with what changes are in the works for this third round of funding.

After a rather cloudy day, another round of fog is possible for tonight kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange we start this afternoon with a live look over the white house and the capitol as the world reflects on the chaos our nation watched unfold yesterday.


"*trump supporters stormed the capitol.

Four people died, including one woman who was shot by capitol police.

And today?


"* it's official...... joe biden is the 46?

"*th president of the united states.

The former vice president's victory was certified by congress early this morning.

The house and senate rejected objections to dismiss biden's electoral votes from states including arizona and pennsylvania.

The confirmation process is usually ceremonial...... but the security breach halted action for a couple of hours.

Mr. president the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of vermont seems to be regular inform and authentic.

And it appears there from that joseph r biden jr. of the state of delaware received three votes for president and kamala d.

Harris of the state of california received three votes for vice?

"* president.

Some republicans and democrats blamed president trump for inciting the one day after protestors laid seige to the united states capitol, questions remain about how it could have happened and what happens next.

Michael george has more details from capitol hill.

(track 1) president trump has remained behind closed doors today... and still has not condemned his supporters who stormed the u?

"*s capitol wednesday.

(nats) (track 2) cbs news has confirmed that some trump cabinet officials have discussed invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president two weeks before the inauguration.

(sot: rep.

Nancy pelosi/(d?

"*ca) speaker of the house) "the most immediate route would be the vice president to reognize the danger of the donald trump presidency and take this act.

B, my members are very much interested, as is, my phone is exploding with impeach, impeach, impeach.

The president must be held accountable."

(track 3) even allies are blaming the president for stoking the violence.

(sot: sen.

Lindsey graham/(r) south carolina) "the president needs to understand that his actions were the problem, not the solution."

(track 4) (gfx) transportatio n secretary elaine chao resigned her post citing wednesday's violence as the reason for stepping down.

(/gfx) (standup: michael george/cbs news/capitol hill) while the cleanup continues on capitol hill... questions remain about ?


"( the protestors could make it into the capitol in the first place... and why the police weren't better prepared to handle the planned protests.

(sot: president?

"* elect joe biden) "no one can tell me that if that had been a group of black lives matters protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the capitol."

(track 5) the government is now moving in 62?

"*hundred national guard members and installing 7?

"* fot tall fences in preparation for the inauguration.

(sot: ryan mccarthy/u.s. sec.

Of the army) "these personnel and this security measure will be in place for no less than the next 30 days."

(track 6) the f?


"*i says it is working identify those involved in wednesday's rampage.

Michael the department of justice announced it has been working through the night with federal authorities to help identify some of the people who stormed the capitol and expects to file the first federal charges this afternoon.

The washington metropolitan police department is releasing photos of suspects they want to talk to about the violence on capitol hill.

Police label the surveillance photos taken inside the capitol of being of "persons of interest in happening tonight at 5?


"* clinic will light up its facilities in red, white and blue just like what you're seeing on your screen right now as a sign of hope for healing, peace and a unified america after the events at the u.s. capitol in washington, news/ap?

"* photos?

"* stunnin* images?


"* protestors?

" ?

"*573540821.html ?87 we've compiled a gallery of photos from the associated press as protesters mobbed the capitol wednesday, sending shockwaves across the nation.

You can find it on our website, kimt dot com.

Stormteam 3 alright let's switch gears for a check on the weather with kimt stormteam 3 chief meteorloigist aaron white joins us now.

Aaron what are you tracking?

Will be running near to above average (average is 24?

!1) through the 7 day forecast.

Our next chance of snow arrives by the middle of next week, but no major storms are on the horizon.

It does appear as through there may be a shift in the pattern during the latter half of january, which could mean the return of arctic air to the midwest.

Tonight: areas of fog olmsted county is working to pinpoint the best way to distribute three?


"* o million dollars in state relief funds.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from downtown rochester with what changes may be in the works to expand funding access to more businesses and non?



Katie this is the third round of funding being handed out to business to keep them afloat during the pandemic but there will likely be changes to reach more businesses in need with these state funds..

Speaking with county administrator heidi welsch ?

"* she tells me the board is discussing using the decrease in revenue this time around versus the loss in profits as a marker for which businesses apply and receive grant funds.

Revenue is the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods and services where as profit is the amount of income that remains after by changing the eligibility criteria from a look at profit loss to revenue loss i hope it's going to allow some businesses that really didn't rise very high in that pool or weren't eligible before to be eligible this time.

The hope is to finalize the details of distribution during the next board meeting on january 19th..

After that businesses should be able to apply for 25?

"* thousand dollar grants.

Thank you jessica.

There will likely be 175?

"* thousand dollr earmarked for non?


The county will have until march 15th to distribute the state funds.

The shocking assault on the u?

"*s capitol leaves the world in shock.

You have to go home now.

We have to have peace.

Why some are calling for "we're basically out of vaccine.

It's going really well."

Americans across the country are rolling up their sleeves for a covid vaccine.

Stick around to find out how rollout efforts are going in north iowa a rochester bar is closing its doors for good.

I'm kimt news three's mary peters live with what mayor norton says the city is planning to do with


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