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Monday, April 12, 2021

Roseburg schools returning to in-person classes this month

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Roseburg schools returning to in-person classes this month
Roseburg schools returning to in-person classes this month
Roseburg schools returning to in-person classes this month

Ditching the virtual classroom and heading back to the real one... as the district begins transitioning all grades back into in- person learning later this month.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza shows us how some parents are feeling about the district's latest plans.

It almost back to the classroom for jesse curry's three kids in roseburg public schools& and he couldn be more excited for them.

00:07 jesse curry, parent:?we definitely want our kids to go back and interact with other kids.

You know, have fun in school?

But& with the pandemic still in full swing, he says he nervous too.?the new strain has come out and the mutated covid.

It scary for the little ones?

Under the district latest reopening plan, all grades will be back to in- person learning on january 25.

However, elementary students will be learning in-person full time& while high school and middle school students will use a hybrid model.

Superintendent jared cordon says he knows some parents are still concerned about returning& but he says they will be doing everything they can to make sure the students are safe.

Phoner:?wee doing visual health screenings, kids are physically distancing, their wearing face masks, wee doing extra cleaning and disinfecting?

00:49 evita?even though all elementary students will be back full time, cordon says middle and high schoolers because they believe this is the best way to limit contact among students?

He says the state has limited them to 25 students per classroom.

Theyl only be in contact with their class.

It will be a different experience for them, but kids are so excited to get back?

For the next two weeks, cordon says they will continue offering their limited in-person learning option& where they bring in some students who are struggling with distance learning to get one-on-one help.

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