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Friday, March 5, 2021


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At least one is calling for his removal - and that process could start this week.

Nbc's tracie potts explains how.

The house of representatives plans to introduce articles of impeachment this week.


House speaker nancy pelosi last night on "60 minutes": ("cbs/60 minutes") super burned in (sot: house speaker nancy pelosi/ (d) california :10-:16) this president is guilty of inciting insur-- insurrection.

He has to pay a price for that.

Multiple sources tell nbc that vice president pence is unlikely to use the 25th amendment to remove president trump more than 200 house members and 37 senators want him to resign or be removed ("abc this week") super burned in (sot: rep.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez/ (d) new york :30-:36) "every minute and every hour that he is in office represents a clear and present-ing danger."

("nbc meet the press") super burned in (sot: rep.

Hakeem jeffries (d-ny) / house democratic leader :37-:44) "donald trump may be in the twitter penalty box, but he still has access to the nuclear codes.

That's a frightening prospect."

Some believe a trial can wait.

("cnn state of the union") super burned in (sot: house majority whip james clyburn/ (d) south carolina :47-:54) "let's give president-elect biden the 100 days he needs to get his agenda off and running."

Republicans are lining up against the president.

("nbc meet the press") super burned in (sot: senator pat toomey/ (r) pennsylvania :57-1:02) "the best way for our country, chuck, is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible."

As washington remembers the capitol police officer who died in last week's riot, dc's mayor will ask president trump to start inauguration security today.

("cbs face the nation") super burned in (sot: muriel bowser/ mayor of washington d.c.

1:13-1:19) "this inauguration preparation has to be very different than any other inauguration with only 10 days to go."

Nbc news has learned capitol police were warned of possible


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