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Saturday, February 27, 2021

What happened to flu season? Experts speak out

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What happened to flu season? Experts speak out
What happened to flu season? Experts speak out

As the talk of coronavirus dominates our daily conversation, some people are asking: what happened to the flu?

Distance learning if they wish.

Are covid-19 measures killing flu season?

While focus remains on the large toll coronavirus takes daily -- health officials are tracking trends about what they call a very mild flu season -- so far.

Kezi 9 news reporter kennedy dendy spoke to experts today to learn more about staying prepared.

Doctors say they're cautiously optimistic this flu season.

Brenda: "we've seen very very low flu activity within our community."

Many crediting mask use and social distancing for such low numbers.

But also what they call the power of the flu shot.

Dr. brenda ormesher is an infectious disease physician with peacehealth medical group.

Brenda: "we did have higher rates of vaccination this year compared to prior years so that's excellent.

I also spoke with dr. daniel paulson with springfield family physicians.

His group has also seen a low level of flu activity through their doors -- but expressed the importance of*still getting a shot.

5 bridge: here in lane county, there's only been one coinfection of flu and covid-19.

But experts warn you can't get too comfortable and here's why.

Luedtke: "we could still very well see a big peak in influenza in february, march or april.

So people still have time to get protected.

And we really want them to."

Dr. patrick luedtke with lane county public health says labs show there's been a nearly 75 percent reduction in flu cases -- so far this year.

But as he puts it-- anything could happen.

Luedtke: "we want people to get flu vaccinated now and get it over with."

The oregon health authority says between december 27 to january 2nd this season-- there were only 0.1 percent of positive flu tests.

Last season -- that number was at 26.6 percent in the same time span.

Reporting in lane county kennedy dendy kezi 9 news.


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